Ubisoft Shares A First Look At Splinter Cell Remake

Ubisoft Shares A First Look At Splinter Cell Remake
Images: Ubisoft

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Joseph Kime


18th Nov 2022 09:37

The return of Sam Fisher is long overdue, and deserves to be a huge deal. Splinter Cell certainly wasn't in its best shape by the time it came to an unceremonious close.

Fans felt deflated to such a degree that the lack of a sequel confirmation wasn't much of a surprise, nor was it the earth-shattering disappointment players thought they'd feel.

Although it was a sad state of affairs, we're finally staring down the barrel of a Splinter Cell remake. The comeback we were robbed of could finally be on the way, and now, new concept art has revealed what we can expect from the new stealth title.

Splinter Cell Remake Reveals New Concept Art

The new remake of Splinter Cell has finally been revealed to the public (albeit vaguely) in the form of new concept art, and the game is looking very interesting indeed.

The art reveals Sam on a stealth mission in his iconic night-vision goggles, with images of our hero squatting on balconies, ducking behind pillars away from goons, and even sharing a look at a particularly gnarly interrogation.

The art doesn't give away much about how the Splinter Cell remake is going to play, but it certainly looks like the team behind it understands the atmosphere that could make for a special remake. All things considered, IT'S pretty dark... both literally and figuratively.

Ubisoft Is 'Going Dark' On Splinter Cell News

This new concept art might be fascinating, but it's going to have to make do for the time being. It seems as though the team is now "going dark" to focus on the development of the game.

It's fair enough, given the importance of getting this remake right, and we'll have to hold out until a trailer drops to see more from the game. Who knows when that will be, but we're expecting it to be worth the wait.

The return to form for Fisher seems to be in good shape, and if these pieces of art are anything to go by, those behind the Splinet Cell remake simply understand what made the 2002 game a classic. Thankfully, that's all we can ask.

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