Ubisoft Dev Teases CoD legends Helping Test XDefiant

Ubisoft Dev Teases CoD legends Helping Test XDefiant
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Jack Marsh


26th Jan 2023 16:54

Ubisoft appears to be canning every game that it's announced in 2023, with the exception of the new Call of Duty rival "XDefiant."

And now, they're nabbing some of the biggest FPS talents of the last decade to help test the game and steer it in the right direction.

The upcoming free-to-play title is trying to fit somewhere inside the ever-expanding Tom Clancey universe and has already started to take shape.

Featuring a similar gun style to CoD with some classic Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell punk attributes sprinkled on top, it appears that the devs are going all-in to make it a success.

To do this, XDefiant has pulled some strings to get a range of Call of Duty world champions down to give it a test.    

Call of Duty Legends Help Ubisoft Test XDefiant

The first-person shooter game is set for its first batch of cross-play game tests in February, but ahead of this, Patrick "Aches" Price has gone back to his roots and brought in the best CoD players in the business out to the XDefiant studios.

Aches is a two-time World Champ in Call of Duty and has recently joined the XDefiant developer team following his official retirement from competing in 2022.

With some help from ex-Infinity Ward Executive Producer (and character on the front of the Modern Warfare 2 game case) and XDefiant Producer Mark Rubin, the pair have rostered in some familiar faces.

Rubin's pictures contain ex-CoD pros Ian "Crimsix" Porter, Jordan "JKap" Kaplan, Thomas "Zoomaa" Paparatto, Josiah "Slacked" Berry, Ian "Enable" Wyatt, Doug "Censor" Martin, and Jonathan "Pacman" Tucker.

Together, the group has over 50 Call of Duty championship titles and will be at the Ubisoft studios to help with their play tests and development feedback.

XDefiant Devs Go All-In Amid Ubisoft Cancellations

XDefiant might be facing a race against time to be developed, with Ubisoft growing quite the cutthroat reputation in 2023 already.

The studios behind the Tom Clancey franchise have recently cancelled the next instalment within the series with Ghost Recon Frontline getting the axe in 2022. It's also just delayed Skull and Bones, again, and cancelled a further three unannounced games.

Should XDefiant make it through Ubisoft's bloodstained axe swipes, it will certainly need every bit of help from these types of personalities to make sure it can capture the imagination of players already operating in quite the saturated market.

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