Twitter called out for promoting fake Counter-Strike 2 access ads

Twitter called out for promoting fake Counter-Strike 2 access ads
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Joseph Kime


11th Jul 2023 14:41

Counter-Strike 2 is (supposedly) on the way, but with no concrete release date, players are starting to itch.

The tactical shooter has been in the works for some time now, and with CS:GO players making do with so little for so long, there's little doubt that the new sequel will be carrying the franchise for years to come. It kinda has to come out first, though.

It looks like scammers are capitalising on the excitement of fans - and Twitter is benefitting all the while.

Twitter is sharing fake Counter-Strike 2 ads

The scam tweet, hoping to bait Counter-Strike fans.
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It looks like Twitter has been indulging a bit too much in its advertisers, as fans have spotted that fake ads for Counter-Strike 2 have been doing the rounds on the platform, offering invites to the game that don't actually exist.

TryHardGuides have pointed out that an ad for Counter-Strike 2 is doing the rounds on Twitter that claims "Steam has just released a wave of excitement by awarding 83,500 invites to Counter-Strike 2," all with no affiliation to the game. As of right now, there aren't any new codes being released to the public at all.

Twitter claims to want to clamp down on things like this, but it seems that it's not doing a very good job of getting firm with ads fishing for gamer data.

What does the fake Counter-Strike ad do?

The Counter-Strike 2 logo.
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The ad, hoping to fish in users that want to take Counter-Strike 2 for a spin, asks players to input their Steam login details, presumably in hopes of using players' bank details.

Naturally, we didn't take the ad all the way to the end, as you definitely shouldn't. Thankfully, many players who are tech-savvy enough to play Counter-Strike in the first place will be able to spot that the offer is a scam - but it's still hugely alarming that Twitter is running the ad at all. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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