The Valentine's Day 'gift' left her boyfriend speechless, and not in a good way.

20:31, 14 Feb 2021

For gamers, sometimes romance doesn't come as natural as the protagonists that we play. For girlfriends gifting presents to the gamer partners, it can be a tough cookie to crack unless it's an all-inclusive trip to one of GTA V's more raunchy establishments. 

One TikTok user decided to get a little creative in the romance division this year, although her idea of wooing her partner has burst into flames, and it's a surprise it wasn't literally.

"Oatmilkgirl13" settled on making her boyfriend a painting, only the canvas was his Xbox One console. 

The blonde lady named Hayley covered her fellas' console in a deep blue starry-night littered with yellow stars and pinky-cream cloud. You know, just like any post-teen man would like. 

The TikTok has already amassed 4.3 million views, although many of the comments have been less than impressed. People instantly began to outline the ramifications of painting an Xbox, including covering over the touch-sensitive power and ejection button, clogging up the vents and disk tray, and, of course, the design not being typical of the standard male appetite.


I saw this girl paint her ps5 and I thought it was a cute idea for v-day🥰❤️ ##paint ##xbox ##gamer ##surprise ##valentinesday

♬ adore you x needy - Jurk

With many of the viewers demanding a reaction video, the presentation of the defaced Xbox has also racked up a large number of views. Despite thinking that the gift was set to be a cute and creative present, Hayley was met by quite a shock herself when he was seemingly less than impressed. 

Brownie points were earned from the boyfriend, who held back all anger and emotion, simply saying that "I don't know" how to react before adding "Oh, it’s alright".


Early vday gift vibes. Showing my bf his Xbox I customized for him ##xbox ##paint ##boyfriend ##aries ##customize

♬ original sound - hayley

It's safe to say that he was less than impressed with the gift, any would have preferred a home-cooked steak and chocolate-covered strawberries instead of a ruined console.


So ladies, if you're looking for inspiration this Valentine's Day, maybe keep the paintbrushes at bay, and opt for something more traditional.


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Image via Oakmilkgirl13 | TikTok




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