'Pointless to stay on the server': Three-times major winner flusha retires from CS

'Pointless to stay on the server': Three-times major winner flusha retires from CS
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Sascha Heinisch


15th Aug 2023 17:00

One of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's most iconic figures, Robin "flusha" Rönnquist, has announced his retirement on August 15. The player wrapps up a spectacular and occasionally controversial career.

Flusha announces retirement

Playing most recently for the EYEBALLERS organisation, flusha chose to hang up his keyboard after a long period of introspection. 

In his heartfelt message to fans, flusha reflected, "For some time now I have felt a lack of motivation and also I’ve been having less and less fun while playing. There isn't much more to do for me and if you don't enjoy it, it's pointless to stay on the server."

Continuing, he expressed gratitude for his storied journey, specifically mentioning cherished memories shared with teammates Jesper "JW" Wecksell and Freddy "KRIMZ" Johansson, and acknowledging the lack of drive to remain on the server. 

Despite his retirement, fans won't be missing flusha entirely, as he transitions to streaming and assisting EYEBALLERS behind the scenes. "Thank you to everyone who supported me, your support has meant everything in my career," flusha declared.

A controversial legend

But flusha's incredible journey wasn't without its bumps. As part of the unparalleled Fnatic CS:GO dynasty, he clinched two significant victories in 2015 at ESL One Katowice and ESL One Cologne, netting him his second and third Major wins. Additionally, he secured a win at Dreamhack Winter 2013 with Epsilon as the first team to break the NIP dominance.

A longstanding partnership with JW marked a significant chapter of his career. Together, they shared the server for over five years, from January 29th, 2013, to September 21st, 2018, during flusha's first stint with Fnatic. 

Following a brief departure, their collaboration resumed when flusha rejoined Fnatic in 2019 and later transitioned to EYEBALLERS in 2022. While his skills on the server were undeniable, flusha also faced various cheating allegations, which remained unproven. 

Embracing the controversy with humour, he dubbed himself "Señor Vac," a towards Valve's anti-cheat system. The cheeky moniker highlighted the legend's ability to rise above the noise, solidifying his place as one of CS:GO's unforgettable figures.

Sascha "Yiska" Heinisch is a Senior Esports Journalist at GGRecon. He's been creating content in esports for over 10 years, starting with Warcraft 3.

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