This Warzone 2 bug just killed weapon blueprints and players are mad

This Warzone 2 bug just killed weapon blueprints and players are mad
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Jack Marsh


8th Mar 2023 14:31

Blueprints are one of the most important elements of Warzone 2 gameplay, allowing players to use custom camouflages and even tracer rounds to differentiate from the vanilla battle royale palette.

Whether it be sporting the brightest look, taking a shortcut to unlock premium attachments through the store, or even just wanting to experiment with something out of the norm, blueprints are everything when it comes to customisation.

Yet it now seems that blueprints are broken, and Warzone players are not being allowed to use their custom loadouts.

Warzone 2 weapon blueprints are being locked by a strange bug

Having surfaced on Reddit, a bug has been found which is not allowing the selection of pre-made blueprints, leaving you short-changed.

According to the user "j0rde", their custom blueprints are being locked behind a weird bug, rendering his weapon useless.

The blueprint in question is a custom blueprint, which is designed by the player themselves and then stored for later use, rather than one ripped straight from a bundle.

The annoying Blueprint bug is frustrating Warzone 2 players

It seems this bug wasn't a one-off though, and other Warzone 2 players are facing the same fate when looking to use a blueprint which they made themselves.

"It did this for me for one of my Mp5 classes," agreed another Redditor, with a further player also adding, "We are in this together."

Some other fans joked that the developers will sell it back to them, given their ludicrous microtransaction policy.

There is a way around this, and that's simply to build the weapon in your gunsmith all over again, although when you've found a recipe with your viable attachments and pro tuning, it can be quite the faff.

So far, neither Raven Software nor Infinity Ward has updated their Trello board to investigate the matter, but you can imagine it might find its way onto their priority list ahead of the mid-season update.

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