There's A Real-Life Elden Ring Bar You Can Visit

There's A Real-Life Elden Ring Bar You Can Visit
Images via FromSoftware

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Joseph Kime


20th Jun 2022 11:49

Elden Ring has truly bled into pop culture now. "Maidenless" has spilt into the online vernacular. "Tarnished" has become a common greeting on Twitter. And everyone loves to wail on Elon Musk's dreadfully un-optimised build.

Elden Ring has probably surpassed Dark Souls in legendary status at this stage, and that's all thanks to the incredible efforts of FromSoftware in building a world so dense and rich that it's becoming synonymous with fantasy games at large. And now, one bar in the USA is paying tribute to it.

Where Is The Elden Ring Bar?

One user in the Elden Ring subreddit has reported their experience at a seemingly inconspicuous bar in Salem, Massachusetts, that mirrored the Elden Ring experience a little more than expected. Someone has been a busy sorcerer behind the bar. 

The post, made by OdnarDominus, shares a peek at the bar's menu, which offers some drinks that make direct references to the world of The Lands Between. First is the Volcano Manor (3 Star Rum, grapefruit, beets, lime & seltzer), followed by the Phantom Steed (house Citrus Vodka, fennel, honey, grapefruit & seltzer), the Azur's Comet (house Turmeric Tequila, Makrut Lime & ginger beer) and finally, the Tarnished Currency (house Cucumber Gin, mint, & lemon seltzer).

It's a strange turn of events considering it's apparently not a game-themed bar.  According to the original poster, the menu also has another drink called the Site of Grace, and it goes on to reference Dune as other nerdy properties. But, when it comes to gamer bevvies, it doesn't end with Elden Ring.

Rockstar Energy Collabs With Starfield


Leaked on Reddit, it looks as though we can expect Rockstar Energy to launch a collaboration with the upcoming Bethesda RPG Starfield. The cans were revealed in a post to the Starfield subreddit, and boast a fancy new "Galactic Honeydew Melon" flavour.

Who knows if these cans will come with some bonus DLC for the game, but we're excited regardless - just as we'd be to try the Elden Ring beverages. It could be time for a trip to Salem to try out some Elden Ring beverages fit for Malenia. Still, we think they missed a trick not calling one the Flask of Crimson Tears, mind.

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