The Top 10 Games Of 2021: It Takes Two

The Top 10 Games Of 2021: It Takes Two
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29th Nov 2021 17:16

A game that's based on the "perfect" marriage might not sound that illuminating, but when it comes to Fazelight Studios' It Takes Two, couple's counselling has never been so thrilling. Whether it's piloting a homemade plane through the treetops or playing a giant dot-to-dot, It Takes Two is never short of ideas.

Online multiplayer games are everywhere right now, but still, it's easier than ever to become an isolated gamer. That's impossible when it comes to It Takes Two, with the tiny title literally forcing you to buddy up with your significant other, family member, or friend. It's a gamble, but one that works.

Two Heads Are Better Than One

It Takes Two Snow Level
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This crafty Honey, I Shrunk the Kids puts you and a partner in the shoes of May and Cody - who have to work together to get back from their shed to the main house. A simple stroll down the garden path might sound simple, but when you're the size of a Borrower, this is (literally) a massive challenge.

Much like Nintendo's staple Mario series, levels are varied and continue to keep you on your toes. There's a Cool, Cool Mountain inspired-snow level, while the space segment wouldn't look out of place in Super Mario Galaxy. Much like Mario OdysseyIt Takes Two constantly flips between different mechanics on each level, meaning teams will have to adapt their playstyle to keep things moving. 

Elsewhere, there are plenty of comparisons to Pixar movies, with some Inside Out tugging at your heartstrings. It's also not too hard to see how It Takes Two comes off like a Toy Story video game.

There could've been dangers that this kitchen sink mentality could've made the title feel like a Jack of all trades, master of none. Instead, it oozes charm from every pore.

Wedded Bliss

It Takes Two Elephant
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Too often, co-op feels like a late addition that's tacked onto a game's story - just look at Halo Infinite - but in It Takes Two, it's the very foundation of its mechanics. This may be a strange outing, but we're completely here for it.

Complaints are few and far between. Not everyone is a fan of the talking Book of Love known as Dr. Hakim, and we'll admit, his purple eyebrow and moustache combo only adds to his general creepiness. Still, it's a relatively minor gripe in a game that's otherwise nearly perfect. 

Some have called It Takes Two the best game they've ever played, meaning it doesn't just rival the other chart-toppers of 2021. You'll rightly struggle to think of a better co-op puzzler out there, so if you haven't shrunk down to play as May and Cody yet, give it a go with It Takes Two


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