The Steam Deck is finally getting a discount

The Steam Deck is finally getting a discount

Written by 

Jack Marsh


17th Mar 2023 12:05

With so many consoles to choose from in recent years - what with the new-gen Xbox and PlayStation coming out and Nintendo's Switch getting numerous upgrades - the PC-like Steam Deck might have fallen a little bit down your pecking order.

It's understandable because many popular hand-held games come from the Mario universe or can be picked up on mobile. With the growing catalogue of titles landing on Valve's Steam platform, its now just as easy to play your PC favourites on the go as it is to play WarioWare.

But if you've ever fancied getting your hands on a Steam Deck, now is your time. A year after the Steam Deck changed the handheld gaming scene, it's finally getting a discount. 

Steam Deck goes on sale for the first time

For the first time since its release, the Steam Deck is now officially on sale through its official website.  Players interested in saving a few pennies can shave 10% off the asking price, saving you at least £30 depending on which spec you go for. 

The 64GB Steam Deck is now down $39.090/£34.90 to $359.10/£314.10, the 256GB variant has been chopped by $52.90/£45.90 to $77610/£413.10, and you can save a decent $64.90£56.90 on the 512GB for $584.10/£512.10.

The celebrations come into play as Steam Deck pops on its party hat and its first birthday badge, as 12 months have passed since it first released. If you want to buy the cheaper Steam Deck, you have until March 23rd at 10am Pacific.

Is it worth buying a Steam Deck?

With the 10% off, you might now be wondering if this is your calling to finally buy the Steam Deck. Since it launched with quite a bumpy start, the Steam Deck has now had a string of quality-of-life improvements.

Steam has also added more PC games to the handheld console, taking the tally to over 8000 titles to choose from. If you're a PC gamer looking to keep your games flowing when you're AFK, then the Steam Deck is a must-have now.

For those who want to pivot to Steam titles but cannot afford to build a PC themselves, the Steam Deck is also a cheaper alternative that'll help you take your love of gaming on the go. 

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