The PlayStation 6 Might Be Closer Than You Think

The PlayStation 6 Might Be Closer Than You Think
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Joseph Kime


25th Jan 2023 09:50

The current console generation has only just managed to sort its stock problems, and already, it seems like players are looking to the future.

As we move into an era where games won't be released on the Xbox One or PS4, it's clear that games are steering into the potential that the hardware of the new consoles, and they're seeming to be all the better for it.

There's still the question of what comes next, and now, one leaker claims that he knows what's on the horizon. 

PlayStation 5 Pro Will Be Skipped, Claims Leaker

The trend of game consoles updating their hardware halfway through the console generation makes total sense and allows players to find new interest in an ageing console.

However, this might not be the case for Sony. One leaker claims it's not something that PlayStation will be engaging in with the PS5.

Tom Henderson says the PS5 won't have its own Slim or Pro model to supplement the console generation. Instead, it could go straight to a "gen 2" console. He also suggests that the OG PS5 could stop production in 2023. 

It's up to you to decide whether you trust Henderson's word, mainly as he has something of a wonky track record that's either completely right or miles off. Frankly, anything could still happen in the current generation.

Word Of The PS6 Is Reportedly Spreading Behind The Scenes

According to Henderson, there's less conversation around the PS5 Pro or Slim model behind the scenes, and more about the next big step into the next generation instead.

"As for if there's going to be a Pro version this generation, I'm not entirely sure," he continues in his Twitter thread. "It doesn't feel like the regular version has been fully utilized yet and probably won't be on mass until the end of the year. All I can say is that I've heard more about the PS6 than a PS5 Pro."

We previously heard about a mythical PS6 coming around 2028, but we'll just have to wait and see what comes of it. We'll be waiting a while, for sure - but there are so many great games on the horizon that you might want to play more than waiting for a PS5 Pro.

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