The New Sonic Theme Is An Absolute Banger

The New Sonic Theme Is An Absolute Banger
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Joseph Kime


7th Sep 2022 12:24

Sonic has had a turbulent career as pop culture's leading hedgehog.

He started out as a genuine competitor to Mario in a clash of the titans, and has since suffered bizarre creative choices and buggy games to such an intense degree that he no longer has his massive stead. Of course, the character's appearance in movies has done him well, but for the most part, he's no longer trusted to turn out quality.

But, there's one thing that has remained consistent about the blue blur's outings - the absolute ragers that come out of them. And the upcoming Sonic Frontiers doesn't look ready to change anything about that.

A Teaser Of The New Sonic Frontiers Theme Is Here

Though players are incredibly sceptical about the ambitious Sonic Frontiers, one thing we knew it could really get right is its theme song. It's just as well, then, that the team behind the game has revealed a teaser at the song that'll accompany the game's closing credits, and it's a total banger.

The song is written by the Japanese Rock band ONE OK ROCK and is titled Vandalize. It has been revealed on the Sonic YouTube channel, accompanied by gameplay and animated footage of the game.

But, if you want to listen to the full song, it has just been released onto the ONE OK ROCK YouTube channel, and we'll sure you agree - it goes in.

ONE OK ROCK Comment On Creating A Song For Sonic

In an interview, ONE OK ROCK lead singer Taka commented on the band's excitement to be a part of the upcoming Sonic Frontiers.

"We partnered with SEGA on Sonic Frontiers because we relate to Sonic and how he’s taken on the world after getting his start in Japan," he says. "We are based in the US and have performed in Europe, Asia and South America, so we are extremely happy to be able to work with the world-renowned Sonic."

"This collaborative song, Vandalize, is very upbeat and has some Japanese-inspired melodies while also sounding like a ONE OK ROCK song. It also matches the cool image of Sonic and his speed when he’s running, so please enjoy Vandalize along with Sonic as he speeds across Sonic Frontiers."

It's a great way to be introduced to the game - although whether or not it matches up with Living In The City from Sonic R is up to you.

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