The Last of Us Part 2 tipped for PlayStation Plus

The Last of Us Part 2 tipped for PlayStation Plus
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Tom Chapman


10th Oct 2023 11:41

If you can't get enough of the mushroom madness that is The Last of Us, there's good news that Naughty Dog's The Last of Us Part II could be coming to PlayStation Plus. The 2020 sequel might've divided critics on launch, but there's no denying it continued the legacy of the 2013 title.

Picking up the story of Ellie and Joel following the bullet-riddled finale of The Last of Us, Part II was an epic tale of revenge that definitely went bigger and bloodier. While most conversations these days turn to the idea of the mythical The Last of Us Part 3, you might want to revisit Part II.

The Last of Us Part 2 rumoured for PlayStation Plus

As shared by Twitter user TCMF2, the PS5 Plus banner has been updated to include a shot from The Last of Us Part 2. It's odd when you remember the game isn't part of the service. The new banner also includes Horizon Forbidden West and Hogwarts Legacy.

Horizon Forbidden West is currently available via the PS Plus Extra Tier, while you can play a Hogwarts Legacy trial through PS Plus Premium. As The Last of Us Part II is the outlier here, it's not too much of a leap to assume it's coming to Sony's subscription service. Currently, it isn't in the Essential, Extra, or Premium tiers.

As 2022's The Last of Us Part I remaster is available to trial on PlayStation Plus Premium, it would make sense if Part II comes to the upper echelons of the service. Then again, you might want to hold off playing if you believe the latest rumours from the world of Cordyceps. 

The Last of Us Part 2 remaster teased by Naughty Dog

Following the success of The Last of Us Part I revamping the orignal game as a truly new-gen experience, there are whispers Part II could be getting the same treatment. A LinkedIn post seemingly confirmed its existence, although we're waiting for official word. 

Naughty Dog Lead Outsource Artist Mark Pajarillo said he was "overseeing the production of all outsourced environment art assets, weapons and interactive props for two iconic titles The Last of Us: Part One and The Last of Us 2: Remastered." It comes after Gustavo Santaolalla claimed he was working on a new edition back in July.

It'd been nearly a decade since Ellie and Joel's first outing, meaning a remaster of the first game made perfect sense. Trying to remaster a game that's only three years old seems like an odd move, meaning most of us expected a Part II remaster to come much further down the line.

It remains to be seen whether a remastered The Last of Us Part II is already out there, but if it is, you might want to press pause on renewing your PS Plus subscription on the off chance you'll get to play a round of golf with Joel Miller. 

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