The hardest Xbox achievement has been removed

The hardest Xbox achievement has been removed
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5th Jun 2023 08:46

For some players, rolling credits on a game is enough, but for others, completing specific achievements adds more challenge and depth to the experience.

On Xbox, ticking off achievements in a title will reward you with Gamerscore that is attached to your profile and over time, players can build up a massive number of points.

As you would expect, certain achievements are harder than others, but there are a select few that are impossible to complete.

Well, in what might be the first time ever, Xbox appears to have removed an unobtainable achievement and reallocated the Gamerscore.

Xbox deletes unobtainable Homestead Arcana achievement

Homestead Arcana
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Courtesy of Serenity Forge

Xbox has completely removed an unobtainable achievement for the game Homestead Arcana. While there are a bunch of achievements for older games that are now impossible to complete, it's incredibly rare that Microsoft will ever step in and delete them.

Despite this, that has been the case for an achievement called You Can't Be Too Prepared which required players to craft every item in Homestead Arcana.

Unfortunately, a bug in the title meant that the Green Ankle Boot item was impossible to craft. As a result, the 100 Gamerscore achievement couldn't be completed.

That achievement can no longer be found on Xbox Live and now means Homestead Arcana players can finally 100% the title.

Has the extra Gamerscore been reallocated in Xbox Live?

Homestead Arcana game
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Courtesy of Serenity Forge

The extra 100 Gamerscore that was removed from the achievement has been allocated to others in the title.

So, anyone looking to 100% Homestead Arcana can expect to receive the same amount of Gamerscore as they would have earned before.

As a lot of the Xbox community believe this is the first time Microsoft has deleted an achievement, it'll be interesting to see if they decide to alter any other titles.

Not being able to 100% a game can frustrate a lot of players, especially if they're someone who's looking to maximise their Gamerscore.

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