The First-Ever Video Game Grammys Have Some Questionable Choices

The First-Ever Video Game Grammys Have Some Questionable Choices
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Joseph Kime


16th Nov 2022 10:28

The Grammys revealing that it would be commending video games for their contributions to the world of music came as a huge relief.

It's about time the medium got some respect, with many still unconsciously refusing to acknowledge video game scores as "real music." The fact of the matter is that many composers that work behind the scenes on games are some of the best that music has.

We listed some of the games that deserved some historical recognition to prove it, but now that the first nominees have been revealed, maybe the Grammys have misunderstood the assignment.

What Video Games Were Nominated For The Grammys In 2022?

The First-Ever Video Game Grammys Have Some Questionable Choices
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This year's Grammy nominations have been revealed, and along with them comes the first swathe of nominees for the new category Best Score Soundtrack for Video Games and Other interactive media. And fans are a little confused.

You'll see what we mean - here are the nominees.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite

Austin Wintory, composer

Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Dawn Of Ragnarok

Stephanie Economou, composer

Call Of Duty: Vanguard

Bear McCreary, composer

Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy

Richard Jacques, composer

Old World

Christopher Tin, composer

Fans are pretty confused as to when the cutoff for the awards was. It includes 2021 games Aliens: Fireteam Elite and Call of Duty: Vanguard, so we're pretty perplexed that Assassin's Creed's Dawn of Ragnarok made the list as a DLC pack for a game that launched in 2020.

With the last 12 months offering the likes of Tunic, Elden Ring and The Artful Escape, it's an interesting roster for sure - and fans aren't sure what to make of it. That's before we even get to God of War Ragnarok's rousing soundtrack missing out.

Fans React To Bizarre Grammy Nominations

Fans have taken to Twitter to express their confusion about where their favourite games are. Summing up what most of us are thinking, someone wrote, "Really cool to see video game scores get recognition at the Grammys. Have to say though, I am THOROUGHLY underwhelmed by the nominations."

Gamers are particularly perplexed on ResetEra, with one user commenting on the nominees saying, "No Neon White makes the whole thing invalid." Reasonable.

Another added, "GotG music was really cool, but bruh this list," while a third questioned, "So, the studios with enough money to pay for a Grammy FYC campaign got in. Cool, great system everyone."

The fact that video games are getting a look-in at the Grammys is great news alone, but damn, these nominees are strange. We'll take it for now, providing that Ragnarok gets what it deserves next year.

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