The Finals Is The FPS That Battlefield 2042 Wished It Was

The Finals Is The FPS That Battlefield 2042 Wished It Was
Images: Embark Studios

Written by 

Joseph Kime


28th Sep 2022 12:40

The FPS space is dominated by recognisable names right now, and we're starting to feel like it's about time a new IP came in and showed the big dogs how it's done. The Call of Duty and Battlefields of the world have dominated the genre for many years now, and it very much seems like the FPS genre belongs to its big franchises, rather than the other way around.

We haven't seen a new face step up to the plate for some time, and it's a sad fact that the genre is practically domineered by the big boys. But one game could be about to change that. Enter a new studio in the form of Embark - bringing The Finals to life. 

What Is The Finals?

A new FPS seems to be gearing up to take on the world, and its reveal has swept across the internet as players watch on in awe at its remarkable destruction mechanics.

The free-to-play FPS is from the unknown Embark Studios, is called The Finals, and has revealed a brand-new look at its gameplay in a glossy trailer. For good reason, fans are always loving The Finals. It shows off a close look at the sheer extent to which the game's maps are destructible, as the playing field can seemingly be dismantled down to its support beams.

The new trailer looks seriously intense, and if it's given the time of day that it deserves, it could be the next big thing. Well, it could definitely challenge the same ol' Call of Duty rinse and repeat, like Modern Warfare 2 being a sequel to a reboot of a spin-off... if only for a minute.


When Is The Finals Coming Out?

We don't have any word on the official arrival of the exciting new FPS adventure, but we do at least have an idea of the consoles it'll be coming to. The Finals is set to launch on PC, PS5, and the Xbox Series family. A closed Alpha test is coming to PC from September 29 through to October 3.

In a year we've had massive blunders like Battlefield 2042, it's refreshing to see something actually deliver on its promises. Remember when DICE hyped Battlefield 2042 as having destructible skyscrapers? Whenever The Finals lands on consoles and PC, it will be a very exciting day. If the shooter series gets the love it deserves, we could be staring down the barrel of a huge shift for the FPS community. Let's have it.

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