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12:35, 19 Nov 2020

If you’re like me, who has skipped the last generation of consoles entirely, one of the most exciting features coming with the Playstation 5 is the ability to play games of former generations at a relatively low price point. Moreover, many of these games have not only held up amazingly; they are even better on the higher specs that the PS5 comes with, allowing you to play old games at a smooth 60 FPS.

Access to at least some of these games is simple for subscribers to the service “Playstation Now”. The service has several bundles with the best value lying at the 12-month subscription, which cuts the price in half.

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That might just be worth it for those that want to catch up on the titles the PS3 and PS4 delivered, especially if you anticipate playing a sequel on the new generation. With over 800 games to choose from, the selection can be as overwhelming as finding the right thing to eat in a full fridge. Weird how that works, right? No worries, we selected some great games for you! 

The Best PS4 Games On The PS5 - The Last of Us

Okay, we cheated here. The Last of Us is a PlayStation 3 game, but come on. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard of this blockbuster title that took the gaming world by storm. The game is now already seven years old but has held up in that it perfectly whets the appetite for its excellent sequel that was also critically acclaimed. Controlling the character of Joel, a smuggler who has to escort teenage girl Ellie through the zombie apocalypse, the game tells an excellent story of survival and loyalty in a world that appears to be absent of it.

The Best PS4 Games On The PS5 - Dishonored 2

Stealth done well is a rare feature of any video game, and few have ever gotten there. While the quality of the story is up for debate, the sheer brilliance of gameplay mechanics and how they are interwoven into the environment is not. If you skipped a generation, you might have played the first Dishonored, and its sequel is universally seen as an improvement on most gameplay systems, finding the weaknesses of the first game and delivering upon them in a major way. Your choices will have a significant impact on the world you inhabit, so choose wisely. Whether you explore the coastal city of Karnaca and its steampunk aesthetics, or dive right into the action, it’s easy to find aspects to be entertained by.

The Best PS4 Games On The PS5 - Bloodborne

Players without a PS4 but with an interest in the Souls series had to wait for this one for a while and given its hefty loading times on the old system, it might even be more fun on the PS5.

That is because you will die and be stuck in loading screens - a lot. If you don’t want to shell out for the Demon Souls remake immediately, Bloodborne might be your perfect low budget substitute. The third-person role-playing game is a real challenge of skill and determination and unlike many other gameplay experiences. Victories need to be earned the hard way, but the payoff in satisfaction is huge. Running around the Gothic world of Yharnam, the story remains cryptic but entertaining. How much frustration can you push through?

The Best PS4 Games On The PS5 - SOMA

A game that’s a little out there as a recommendation comes at the hands of Frictional Games with their 2015 title SOMA. The studio that had previously delivered smash hits like Amnesia: The Dark Descent took a crack at the science fiction genre and created an intriguing experience that puts the player in situations which are very unusual for a video game to do. Scratching on the fragile conception of existence and life, SOMA explores the concept with impactful horror and logical puzzles the player will have to solve. A lot of responsibility lies on your shoulders. Can you take it?

The Best PS4 Games On The PS5 - Until Dawn

Have you ever watched a decent horror movie you wished you could’ve changed a thing or two to determine the outcome of the story? Until Dawn delivers just that, putting players up to moral and ethical decisions in a situation that they definitely have never encountered before. Eight young adults make it out to Blackwood Mountain. Things go awry, as they tend to do, and the group has to survive, you guessed it, until dawn. 

We hope that these games will hold you over for a while until PS Now once more adds blockbuster titles. Playstation entertainment has never been so affordable.


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