The 3DS Has Had A Surprise Update - And It's Upsetting A Lot Of Fans

The 3DS Has Had A Surprise Update - And It's Upsetting A Lot Of Fans
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Joseph Kime


13th Sep 2022 13:47

Ah, the days of the 3DS. Everything seemed so simple.

The last "true" handheld console by Nintendo, the 3DS was a remarkable piece of tech that not only built on the building blocks of the impossibly popular Nintendo DS, but also carved a new innovation that seemed to foreshadow a new era of gaming from your pocket.

Now that it's in the rearview mirror, we thought that the days of the 3DS were gone for good - but apparently, Nintendo is still keeping their eyes on the console, as it has just received a surprise update. And fans are sceptical about it.

The Nintendo 3DS Gets A New Update

The 3DS Has Had A Suprise Update - And It's Upsetting A Lot Of Fans
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As has come as a shock to many, the Nintendo 3DS has just received an update that has leapt out of nowhere.

As reported by NintendoEverything, the new 11.16.0-49 update has been sent to consoles around the world, and they seem to exclusively have the patch notes.


Nintendo claims that the update exists to offer "further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience." But, things like this have been said of updates in the past, and Nintendo has a habit of leaving out key points in updates.

Fans are nervous that this new update is coming as a push to wipe away the 3DS modding community (because we know what Nintendo are like when it comes to fans making their own things with their IPs) – and they've reacted with sheer irritation.

Fans Push Back Against New 3DS Update

The modding community has taken to Twitter to express its disdain for the new update, claiming that even though it's a new part of a push to erase modding, it won't be successful.

The console might be long dead, but that won't stop Nintendo from offering it the attention it deserves. But they'll need to bring the cavalry if they think they're going to crack down on modders.

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