The 10 best weapons in gaming history

The 10 best weapons in gaming history
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Joshua Boyles


24th Nov 2022 15:27

Games are full of weird and wonderful weapons that players can use to thwart their enemies. Whether it's something that requires wit to master - or an arsenal that exudes raw power - weapons in gaming can make us feel our most powerful.

So, if you're ready to head out onto the battlefield with a fully-stocked armoury to best your opponents, here are 10 of the best weapons in gaming that you need to go back and use.

Juggernaut - Call of Duty (#10)

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Alright, the weapon here is technically the minigun that comes with the Juggernaut, but it's the whole experience that makes this Call of Duty killstreak unique. 

Obtained after earning 15 kills in Modern Warfare 2, you're able to don a bulletproof suit and rampage around while wielding an obscene minigun.

To complete the package, a heavy metal rock soundtrack accompanies your movements as you mow down the entire enemy field. As far as power trips go, the Call of Duty Juggernaut is pretty iconic.

Fat Man - Fallout (#9)

fallout fat man
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If you've ever fantasised about carrying a mini nuclear explosion in your back pocket, then you need to find a Fat Man launcher ASAP.

Found in the Fallout series of games, the Fat Man launcher is essentially a mobile nuke launcher that propels a devastating explosion towards any foe. You'll need to be careful when using this absurd weapon, though.

Upon unleashing a mighty nuclear explosion from the Fat Man, the entire area is intoxicated with radiation. Sure, it will put an end to whoever is on the receiving end of the stick - but it can also be the end of you if you're not careful.

Plasma Cutter - Dead Space (#8)

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The Plasma Cutter in the Dead Space series of games is a weapon that requires a bit of thought and skill to master. Enemies are designed with gangly limbs, each of which has a specific way in which they must be dismantled. 

The Plasma Cutter lets the player adjust the angle and spread of how ammunition is fired. Essentially, this transforms a simple enemy encounter into something of a miniature puzzle.

Especially when you're on the verge of death and a Necromorph is charging toward you, it amps up the horror atmosphere of Dead Space even further.

Portal Gun - Portal (#7)

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In a similar vein, the Portal Gun is such a great weapon because it isn't that much of a weapon at all. It can't damage any enemy you encounter - rendering it almost useless in a one-on-one fight.

However, it's not about the power of your tools, but how you use the in Portal. The Portal Gun forces the player to use their environment to get creative with how they take out opponents.

That could be using it to launch a turret into oblivion or turning them on each other. It's the perfect tool for the pacifist puzzle game.

Super Shotgun - DOOM (#6)

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The DOOM series is full of eye-watering weapons, but perhaps the most iconic is the classic Super Shotgun. This double-barrelled monstrosity is capable of mulching anything that dares come close, with even bosses not standing much chance against it.

It may only include a couple of rounds of ammo, but the snappy reload animations and aggressive sound design of this weapon in the more recent DOOM games make it a joy to use. When all weapons have failed you, there's always the Super Shotgun to rely on.

Smart Pistol - Titanfall (#5)

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The Smart Pistol is another perfect example of a perfectly designed weapon for the game it exists in. Titanfall is all about fast-paced, parkour-style movement mechanics. Obviously, it's quite difficult to aim at enemies while you're free-running your way across a cliff face.

Respawn Entertainment's answer to this was the Smart Pistol. It's essentially an auto-locking side arm that locks onto targets in your field of view.

Once the target is acquired, they're swiftly taken out in three shots. This lets players who would rather focus on movement mechanics stand up to those that have the shooting mechanics nailed down. It was also handy for those of us that possess no aiming skills whatsoever.

Hidden Blade - Assassin's Creed (#4)

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The Hidden Blade is a weapon in the dark, which is part of why it's so iconic. Sleuthing your way through history while wielding one (or even two) of these bad boys defined an era of video games.

First seen worn by Altair in Assassin's Creed, the Hidden Blade is capable of one-hit kills while in stealth mode. The real fun comes from trying to take out your opponents in unique ways.

Will you launch yourself at them from a rooftop or drag them to their demise from the cover of a hay bale? The choice is up to you, but you can be confident you'll look good in the process.

Energy Sword - Halo (#3)

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Another one-hit kill weapon, the sight of an Energy Sword can strike fear into the heart of any gamer. They're typically wielded by the Covenant in the Halo campaigns, but they truly come into their own in custom multiplayer matches.

You've never truly known panic until you play a match of Infected and see an enemy running towards you with one of these.

Their soft glow and subtle crackle may understate the violence they can carry, but the Energy Sword is not something to be underestimated when you Spartans jump into battle.

Leviathan Axe - God of War (#2)

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It may have only first graced our screens in 2018, but the Leviathan Axe from God of War has already firmly cemented itself as one of the best weapons in gaming.

Operating akin to Thor's hammer in the Marvel movies, this striking axe packs a punch on the way out and is unparalleled in how satisfying it is to recall.

Combine that with the copious number of combos and special movies this axe can undertake, and it's a weapon that you'd never want to be on the receiving end of.

Mario's Foot - Mario (#1)

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Perhaps the most devastating weapon we can think of is the underside of Mario's foot. Listen, it might not be as flashy as a BFG or as menacing as a rocket launcher, but we've seen what Mario's foot can do to a person.

All it takes is one small bop on the head from this Italian's tootsies for a Goomba or Koopa to be erased from the mortal plane of Mushroom Kingdom. Since 1983, this portly plumber has been devastating lives and leaving orphans in his wake with a simple boop. 

If you really want to know what it is that keeps me up at night, it's the thought of coming under fire from those boring brown loafers.

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