$10 sci-fi horror is outselling Call of Duty on Steam

$10 sci-fi horror is outselling Call of Duty on Steam
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Joseph Kime


21st Nov 2023 13:00

It's always a treat to see an indie title beat out the giants. Of course, everyone is currently playing Call of Duty's return to the world stage in Modern Warfare 3, and nobody is about to stand in the shooter's way.

Every once in a while, the launch of a new AAA title is overshadowed by the viral popularity of a game with much less resource to work with, and it serves as a testament to the ingenuity of game developers taking to Steam with their works. Now, a new viral hit is taking over on Steam.

Lethal Company is exploding on Steam

The next inheritor to the spooky successes of Phasmophobia is Lethal Company, a game that has shot out of the blue and come for players on Steam with plenty of scares that have shaken many players.

The $10 Horror title is set across a series of definitely not haunted moons, as four players bound to contracts with a space scavenging company. As you can expect, grim and shrill scares ensue.

Players are clearly loving it as it already has over 20,000 "overwhelmingly positive" reviews on Steam, which, for its time on the site, is incredibly impressive. It's taking over the internet right now, for good reason - and it's even taking on the video game giants.

Call of Duty is being felled by Lethal Company

Lethal Company appearing at the very top of Steam's Global Top Sellers, under only the Steam Deck itself.
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Lethal Company is enjoying some serious success right now, appearing at the very top of Steam's global top-sellers list, beating Modern Warfare III, Baldur's Gate 3, and the ever-popular PUBG. We're reminded of when BattleBit Remastered made a surprise arrival and soared to the top of Steam. 

Though it's unlikely the developer ever expected such a far-reaching success for Lethal Company, it's an incredible accomplishment, and it's telling of how players are still willing to favour smart design and interesting new ideas over the AAA belters that seem to sell exponentially. Part of us feels like this is justice.

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