Team Delirium Announces Partnership With CTRL

Team Delirium Announces Partnership With CTRL
Team Delirium | CTRL

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Jack Marsh


21st Apr 2022 20:00

Team Delirium, a UK-based esports organisation, has announced a partnership with CTRL as the food replacement brand launches its first European collaboration.

CTRL, co-owned by Call of Duty legend Seth "Scump" Abner, FaZe Clan, and Skyler Johnson, often work with a range of content creators in North America and has now branched out to Europe by partnering with Team Delirium.

The partnership comes as only the third team that CTRL has decided to partner with, following FaZe Clan and Ghost Gaming, as Team Delirium continue to grow their influence through streamers in titles such as Call of Duty: Warzone.

Most notably, Team Delirium boast streamers such as German supermodel Mina Mendes and has seen many other talents such as World Series of Warzone winners "ScummN" and "Lenun" achieve success under the banner before moving on. Mendes and the array of other content creators on board will aim to assist in the partnership by collaborating on content & events such as content series and community events.

CEO Jack "Smurfy" said, "I’m very excited to be the first European gaming team to work with CTRL. They are not only a product and brand that we believe in but one with an origin that hits close to home and what Delirium represents."


Smurfy was previously vocal about pushing Team Delirium down a similar route to the likes of FaZe Clan by combining streaming and content with esports teams, capitalising on the European market, which has made the organisation a "perfect fit" for the collaboration according to Alex Matthysse, Head of Partnerships at CTRL.

"To partner with an organisation of Delirium's prestige is a major move for CTRL. Delirium is a perfect fit to partner with because we share the same mindset of spreading awareness to shift the gaming community towards a healthier gaming lifestyle, and they can help us broadcast that messaging globally," Matthysse said.

CTRL provide healthier and tastier alternatives to food with a blend of drinks and smoothies that still contain all the nutrients of a meal and can be taken on the go - a product often consumed by gamers and fitness advocates to complement a busy lifestyle. 

Together, the partnership aims at expanding the product demographic to a European market, utilising the wide reach of Delirium, and excelling Delirium's impact in America. 


Jack Marsh
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