Taskmaster VR is a whole new way to play the hit series

Taskmaster VR is a whole new way to play the hit series
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29th Nov 2023 09:00

If you think you're up to the 'task' and fancy yourselves as the next (Little) Alex Horne, Taskmaster VR could be the game for you. Scallywag Arcade is bringing the hit series to a whole new medium, getting up close and personal with the intimidating visage of the Taskmaster himself, Greg Davies.

Born from the brilliantly madcap mind of Horne for 2010's Edinburgh Film Festival in 2010, he later secured a deal for a TV adaptation. The rest is history, with Taskmaster airing 16 seasons in the UK, more around the globe, numerous specials, and having just wrapped its fourth New Year Treat with the likes of Dragon's Den's Deborah Meaden. 

Taskmaster VR is a whole new way to play

Draw & Code's Scallywag Arcade is ready to think outside of the box with Taskmaster VR, working closely with Avalon - the production company behind Taskmaster. With a fully voice-acted experience, your home can become that infamous red and gold set. Or, what about stepping inside the legendary Taskmaster house? 

All of this is in the name of grabbing Greg's glistening golden head trophy and declaring yourself Taskmaster Champion. You can drop, grab, poke, prod, and throw your way to the top, but be warned, you might have to smash a few melons or tidy a few ducks to get there.

Don't worry, the Taskmaster and Horne will be there to guide you through the process, offering everything from support to scorn. Getting praise from Horne himself is a big deal, with the Taskmaster creator gushing, "Genuinely, this is extraordinary, brilliant and very fun."

Horne says he's always wanted to be a contestant on his own creation, adding, "This is great for me as a VR user, except that I will also have my virtual self watching my attempts and undermining my confidence so I may well regret the whole venture after I've had a go."

Taskmaster VR also gets the nod from the big guy, with Davies saying, "The team have done an incredible job and the game is a really exciting addition to the Taskmaster world.  On a personal note, the creation of a virtual reality Taskmaster takes me ever closer to my ultimate goal of working without even leaving my sofa."

How can you play Taskmaster VR?

Taskmaster VR Alex Horne
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Set to launch in 2024 for the Meta Quest 2 and 3, the game promises all the jokes and jibes of the actual series, while being fun for all ages. Whether you're a resident Russell Howard or a complete newbie, Taskmaster sounds like the ultimate game for those who are bored of Trivial Pursuit. 

From the comfort of your own home, you can try your luck where the likes of Dara O'Brien, Katherine Ryan, Phil Wang, Josh Widdicombe, Aisling Bea, and so many more have tried...and sometimes failed. We're promised some familiar faces might be along for the ride, so keep them peeled. Just remember, all of the information is on the task. 

You can wishlist Taskmaster VR now on Steam.

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