STALKER 2's Cats Are Nothing Like The Ones In Stray

STALKER 2's Cats Are Nothing Like The Ones In Stray
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9th Aug 2022 13:17

This kitty has claws, as GSC Game World has celebrated International Cat Day (yep, it's a thing) in the strangest way possible. The developer is currently hard at work on STALKER 2, and if you were already a dog person, we doubt that'll change with the latest reveal.

If you've been keeping up with STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl, you'll know the game was massively affected by the war in Ukraine, which effectively cut the developer off and saw Russia block the game's site. STALKER 2 cut ties with Russia and even adopted the Ukrainian spelling of Chornobyl/Chernobyl for its name.

Although reports of it being delayed indefinitely had us worried, STALKER 2 is ready to make its mark some 13 years after Call of Pripyat last gave us a game. The STALKER 2 release date is also something of a big deal as the first entry to make its way onto consoles. If you weren't already excited to stick on your gas mask and play, what about radioactive cats to lure you in?

What Are STALKER 2's Cats?

On August 8, the official STALKER 2 account shared a look at the Bayun. A skeletal and ferocious cat that's clearly felt the effects of radiation. Resident Evil has zombies dogs, but STALKER 2 has Bayun. If the look of the Bayun alone didn't have you praying for the cute little kitty from BlueTwelve Studio's Stray, its description will. 

STALKER 2 has the following to say about the Bayun: "A very stealthy and nimble mutant. For years, stories about it were regarded as mere fables. Bayun takes its name from its throat sacs, which allow the beast to imitate all kinds of sounds, including human speech." A carnivorous cat with the ability to mimic you as it stalks you around a nuclear-ravaged wasteland? We'll take our chances at the RSPCA, thanks.

STALKER 2 Fans React To The Bayun

STALKER 2 Artwork
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As you can imagine, players were fascinated and frightened in equal measure. "What a cute kitty," joked one, while another added, "Jesus... How's a guy supposed to sleep at night." A third shuddered, "Looks like it was designed after a shaved bear.. yikes." To be honest, we're most scared by the fact it can copy our voices. For those who remember the crying of a baby and the Burer from Call of Pripyat, you'll know where we're going with this one. 

We've technically had cats before in the STALKER series, and as the fan wiki notes, they appeared in the code for both STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl and STALKER: Clear SkyShadow of Chernobyl did have a stuffed one, but this will be the first time we've been able to take them on. Either way, downing one of these feisty furballs is sure to leave us feeling like the cat that got the cream. 

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