Sony Unveils PlayStation Stars Loyalty Program

Sony Unveils PlayStation Stars Loyalty Program
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Joseph Kime


29th Sep 2022 09:10

Sony has been teasing a new means of giving players rewards for their gaming habits for a few months now, and the concept is alluring to fans. But, as it proved with the release of PS Plus' revamp, Sony might not be up to the challenge of creating something truly special in the field, fans have lost interest.

Thankfully it's not something so crucial to the PlayStation brand that it's actively worried, but the PlayStation Stars program simply isn't something that fans are excited by. But, as the service is launching in limited regions soon, that could be about to change.

What Is The PlayStation Stars Loyalty Program?

PlayStation has revealed a new peek at the upcoming Stars program in a new blog post. This post has been made to commemorate the fact that the program has now launched in Asia, and is set to come to North America next week.

The system is set to offer players new campaigns and activities that give them two different types of rewards. There are loyalty points, which can be used to claim PSN wallet funds and select PlayStation store products, while the other is digital collectables.

The digital collectables (which we've been assured definitely aren't NFTs) look reminiscent of the items you'd earn from the gacha machine in Astro's Playroom, and they could become a new benchmark for players to share their in-game achievements. The program looks incredibly sweet, and we can't wait to give it a spin - but we could be waiting a while longer on UK shores.


When Is PlayStation Stars Launching?

PlayStation Stars has now officially arrived in Asia, including Japan - but we've got more of a wait before the service finally shows up here. Stars will be coming to North and South America on October 5, and then to Europe, Australia, and New Zealand on October 13.

PlayStation Stars is a neat addition to the package we have now on PlayStation, and we're excited to flex our digital collectables as soon as we can. Then again, getting in-wallet rewards to make your next purchase a little cheaper is also a big win. 

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