Sony pours cold water on our Bloodborne Remake hopes… or does it?

Sony pours cold water on our Bloodborne Remake hopes… or does it?
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18th Mar 2024 16:40

It's safe to say that PlayStation knows too well that you want a Bloodborne remake, probably thanks to the fact that you won't shut up about it. To your credit, it's worked a treat.

A very loud minority of players has been spreading rumours and praying about a remake of the PS3 FromSoftware icon. Although a recent report claims it's coming, every PlayStation tweet pretending it has nothing to do with the genre (let alone the game) is quickly followed by a tweet asking where the remake is.

You might be desperate to talk about a mythical Bloodborne remake or remaster, but PlayStation certainly isn't. Now, a bizarre move on Twitter has forced fans to theorise.

PlayStation forgets about Bloodborne


The social media team at PlayStation has clearly spent some time working out how to bolster some of the games that it needs players to engage with, as it has offered a strong bracket of choice in a March Madness-style quiz for players to take up.

The gaming giant has asked which of a great lineup of games is your favourite, starring the likes of Marvel's Spider-Man, Uncharted, The Last of Us, and more. Naturally, Bloodborne fans have had something to say about it. Predominantly asking where Bloodborne is on the list.

Demon's Souls makes an appearance to fulfil the FromSoftware quota that fans would kick off about in its absence, but players have been quick to point out that despite its stature, Bloodborne is nowhere to be seen - even as all of the games on show are available on PS5 and the PS4.

PlayStation cleverly wants all eyes on its modern titles, but it seems that Bloodborne fanatics are convinced of foul play.

Bloodborne fans think they've found a conspiracy theory

Bloodborne boss fight
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Players are in two minds about this post. Some conclude that PlayStation might actually be working on a Bloodborne remake and has omitted the game to throw off the scent. Others think it isn't including Bloodborne in hopes that not mentioning the game will eventually lead to Bloodborne fans leaving them alone.

The two theories are polar opposites, and in typical style, Bloodborne remains a tantalising tease that doesn't look like it's coming back anytime soon. After all, FromSoftware is busy on Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree DLC and hinting at an expanded franchise exploring the Lands Between

There is also the unconsidered theory that Bloodborne isn't present because it isn't a PS5 game, unlike every single game on the list (though Death Stranding appears on PS5 as its Director's Cut, but that's nitpicking). Few things are certain in this life, but one of them is Bloodborne fans raging in Twitter replies.

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