Shroud Thinks Call of Duty Would Be Better Without Controllers

Shroud Thinks Call of Duty Would Be Better Without Controllers
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Jack Marsh


2nd Feb 2023 15:35

There's quite a large audience of Call of Duty players that wished the PC ports never came into play.

Whether it's because PC specs are so much sharper than consoles, the ability to use a mouse and keyboard, or the overwhelming number of hackers that have also infiltrated the games, PC players aren't the most welcome customers in the CoDverse.

Yet, they're here and making themselves heard. Now, some players are theorising a way of holding mouse-and-keyboard-only esports events, and FPS legend Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek agrees that it could be worth giving a go.

Players Want Mouse-And-Keyboard Events

Reliving old clips where Shroud took down players in the Modern Warfare 2019 era, gaming personality "Kirneill" called for mouse-and-keyboard-only events.

The clip in question saw Shroud take down three other content creators in a charity game, including one incredible flick to eliminate Timothy "TimTheTatman" Betar - maybe that headshot is where he got his dint from.

The use of a mouse and keyboard is forbidden in professional Call of Duty events, and players such as Dylan "Envoy" Hannon have even been banned for using them in the past.

Shroud Thinks Call Of Duty Is Better Without Controllers

After watching his own clip re-do the rounds on social media, Shroud then waged war against the entire Call of Duty community by claiming it would be more interesting without controllers. 

"It'd be way more interesting to watch than roller matches that's for sure," the FPS legend said, saying that it would be better to play the game with a mouse in hand.


Other keyboard warriors, such as Apex Legends guru Timothy "iiTzTimmy" An also found the funny side of this argument.

Given the resounding personalities already established in the controller scene, it's unlikely that a mouse-and-keyboard-only esports circuit could ever be formed. But, there's always going to be room for Shroud to host his own events to find the best wrist-flicker in CoD.

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