Shroud Calls For 'Dated' CS:GO To Step Up

Shroud Calls For 'Dated' CS:GO To Step Up
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Jack Marsh


17th Jan 2022 10:01

Could David and Goliath actually live harmoniously in the same world without having to be the downfall of the other? Can Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and VALORANT actually co-exist without being the death of each other? Since VALORANT's rise to fame, many expected CS:GO to crumble, and whilst they're not gaining any ground, it seems that many of the old faithful of the game continue to be loyal and have created an opportunity for both FPS games to live side by side.

However, one former CS:GO professional still fears for the health of the title, and has called on Valve to step up in order to survive.

Shroud Calls on Valve To Step Up

After seeing VALORANT roll out one of their most electrifying (literally) Agents yet, ex-CS:GO pro Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek ripped into the "dated" game that he rose to fame through. "F**king hell. CS, step your game up!" he started. "Valve is p**sing me off. They’re letting Riot and Valorant walk all over them. They don’t care!"

"CS:GO is far from perfect. The game is f**king dated as hell. I mean, they just gotta work on it, you know?" he added.

Shroud Compares CS:GO vs VALORANT to Dota 2 vs LoL

The streaming sensation then continued to compare CS:GO to Dota 2, in the way they need to combat their rival title (VALORANT and League of Legends, respectfully). "Either they can do the DOTA 2 attempt and try to update it engine-wise. Or just make a whole new f**king game and get innovative."

The debate as to whether Counter-Strike needs a revamp, similar to their transition from Source to Global Offensive, has been one that has been rife since the launch of VALORANT, and it's clear to see which side of the fence Shroud sits on. It could be why Shroud can only sit through one round of gameplay before rage-quitting...

As for Neon and VALORANT, he added that the new duelist might not be the best fit for competitive play, although they'll be fun to operate as in ranked.


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