Shadow of the Erdtree praised for unexpected Elden Ring change

Shadow of the Erdtree praised for unexpected Elden Ring change
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Tom Chapman


5th Jun 2024 11:41

We're 'rooted' to the spot, as Shadow of the Erdtree is nearly here. Two years after Elden Ring proved itself as one of the most gruelling Soulslikes yet, we're ready to polish our swords once again and take a swing at a whole new crop of formidable foes.

The already glum Lands Between are being swapped for the even more dangerous Land of Shadow - and yes, there are poison swamps. With two years to tweak and improve on the already solid base of Elden Ring, it seems FromSoftware has spared no expense. However, there's one expected change we're more than happy with.

Shadow of the Erdtree no longer flashbangs Elden Ring players

As we're sure will come as a major relief to many, you'll no longer be flashbanged by the Bandai Namco logo. When booting up the base version of Elden Ring, there was a loading screen, the dark hue of the FromSoftware logo, a flash of white light for the Bandai Namco logo, and then back to dark for the title screen. 

Although a seemingly minor complaint, at least we won't have to put on a pair of sunglasses when loading Shadow of the Erdtree. X user Iron Pineapple won't reveal how the Bandi Namco logo has been changed, but we know our poor eyeballs can take a rest.

When Elden Ring launched, the blinding light of the Bandai Namco logo became the subject of memes, Reddit threads, and even one witty Hard Drive article titled, "Blinding White Bandai Namco Logo Closest Thing to Sunlight Elden Ring." The fear of playing Elden Ring at night is a thing of the past.

Despite this seemingly throwaway change, it's gone down as a major hit on social media. One player cheered, "I would pay 40$ just for that to be honest. Every time I boot the game I instinctively squinted," while another added, "This is probably the most important change in the history of important changes."

There's plenty that's new to Shadow of the Erdtree, with over 100 new weapons and 10 new bosses to attack, as well as a whole new story focusing on Messmer. If anything else, the minor change of the Bandai Namco logo proves that Miyazaki and co. are lurking out there on the internet and are listening to our critiques.

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