SEGA cans Creative Assembly’s HYENAS after closed beta

SEGA cans Creative Assembly’s HYENAS after closed beta
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28th Sep 2023 09:45

If you were pumped for the release of Creative Assembly's HYENAS in 2023, you weren't alone. The Alien: Isolation team was working on a co-op multiplayer for SEGA. However, after seemingly remodelling as a free-to-play title and admitting it's in flux, the gaming giant has pulled the plug.

SEGA cancels HYENAS following closed beta


Despite moving forward following its closed beta - and boasting some positive reviews - Bloomberg's Takashi Mochizuki has shared the news that HYENAS is no more.

The translation reads, "Due to the deterioration in profitability in the European region, we will review the title portfolio developed at each European site and discontinue 'HYENAS' and some unannounced titles in development."

This was backed up by VGC's Andy Robinson, who said that while he'd heard development was "chaotic," he's shocked to learn that HYENAS is no more. Even though things were moving forward, the signs were all there that HYENAS could be heading to the elephant graveyard.

The news was later confirmed by the HYENAS team, posting a heartfelt message to fans and apologising for the situation. The bigger picture isn't looking good for Creative Assemble, which shared its own response and confirmed that potential redundancies were being looked at. Still, it said it remains committed to its projects.

What happened to HYENAS?

HYENAS character poster
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In August 2023, Eurogamer reached out amidst rumours that HYENAS' troubled development would see it rebranded as a live service game. SEGA stopped short of confirming the news but explained "adjustments" were taking place.

"We have dedicated the past year to reviewing our business model alongside months of extremely valuable player testing of the gameplay experience," said a SEGA spokesperson.

"We're very excited with this progress and the reaction to yesterday's gameplay reveal. We'll build on that foundation with our Closed Beta test beginning 31st August and use this insight to finalise our plans for launch."

If you've picked up any HYENAS merch, best hold onto it because it could be worth a fortune in the future. It looks like Sonic the Hedgehog is getting the last laugh here.

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