Scump Defends Post-Dynasty OpTic Results Following Retirement

Scump Defends Post-Dynasty OpTic Results Following Retirement

Written by 

Jack Marsh


26th Jan 2023 15:02

Following his saddening retirement from professional Call of Duty, Seth "Scump" Abner has defended the lack of silverware that the band of OpTic sides hauled in during the post-dynasty era.

The OpTic Gaming brand is directly linked to Championships within the Call of Duty community. Being the biggest organisation in the space, the Green Wall has been pioneering the content creation avenue for the entire CoD community.

More than this, it's dominated the esports scene as it holds the record for the most tournament wins ever, thanks to the efforts of Scump and his "dynasty" team.

Alongside Ian "Crimsix" Porter, Matthew "FormaL" Piper, Damon "Karma" Barlow, and sometimes Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag, the OpTic dynasty team are recognised as the best team of all time.

OpTic's share of trophies has dwindled since the team split in 2018, and now, Scump has voiced his opinions as to why.

Scump Defends Lack Of Event Wins After The OpTic Dynasty

The OpTic Dynasty won 18 events in the three-year period between 2015 and 2018, including one world championship, taking up over half of OpTic's overall championships and the bulk of Scump's silverware haul.

Since then, Scump has only won five more championships (two in Black Ops 4 and three in the CDL era). After hanging up the sticks, Scump has claimed the dynasty team was so incredibly good that people forget just how hard it is to consistently win in this esport now.

While watching over Crimsix's Burned Bridges podcast, Scump said, "I feel like the dynasty run was so f**king incredible, that people's expectations went so high up, when we started just winning a normal number of events, people were like 'wtf, they're not winning everything anymore.'"

Scump Claims OpTic Fans' Expectations Were Too High In CDL Era

Discussing what's gone down, Scump added, "We literally went from winning everything (besides champs - haha L-O-L) for three years, to basically winning a normal number of events where basically everyone wins now, and people don't talk about that."

Only the players on eUnited/Atlanta FaZe during the post-dynasty era have won more championships than Scump, and the now-retired superstar thinks this should be considered when talking about his career.

Scump's retirement has opened the doors for OpTic to start a new chapter and embark on another dynasty, but while no one will ever compare to the old-school team, more credit should be weighed in OpTic's favour in the last half-decade.

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