Scump Claims 'This Is The Hardest Year Of His Career'

Scump Claims 'This Is The Hardest Year Of His Career'
OpTic Gaming

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Jack Marsh


3rd Aug 2022 10:47

The Vanguard season hasn't gone quite as planned for OpTic Texas. After winning the first Major of the season, expectations rapidly shifted towards OpTic starting another dynasty of domination, but this petered out rather whimsically.

A string of unavoidable problems hit OpTic Texas, and ahead of the World Championships nobody knows what to expect.

But for Seth "Scump" Abner, the face of OpTic and the Call of Duty League, he's had it tougher than most, and despite the last three years of the esport being rather divergent, this current year has been the worst of them all. 

Scump Claims Vanguard Season Was Most Annoying Of his Career

Although Scump's career has been littered with success, taking home over 30 championships and becoming the second most-winningest player of all time, there has been quite a few bumps in the road. Namely, the downfall of the dynasty, the disastrous World War II exit, and Cloud9's one-burst wonder in Black Ops 3

However, Scump has now labelled the current Vanguard season as the most annoying season of his career. "I think this is probably the hardest year I've ever had. Like personally and the whole Inder [Indervir "iLLeY" Dhaliwal] situation with his thumb, this year is the hardest I've ever had it."

I've never had to deal with, like, substitutes and you know. It's just so annoying," Scump added. 


Scump Details Why Vanguard Season Was So Hard

The impact of iLLeY's injury has been devastating for OpTic this season, according to Scump. He said, "We win Major I and Major II is when the Inder situation started happening. We were on this trajectory, going up, up, up, and then that happened and it was so hard."

But it wasn't just the injury, it was the diagnostics and medical mistakes that have also hindered the progress of OpTic too. Scump continued to explain how Major III was played with a substitute and the whole squad was confused by a wrongful diagnostic from the doctor regarding iLLeY's return, which led to weeks of not practising and having no clear plan on how to proceed.

"This year's been all over the place, and people keep judging us by saying we've had the tools capable all year. It's so annoying, it's so f**king annoying", he added. 

Scump and OpTic could add another ring to their collection and legacy with a victory at the CDL 2022 World Championships, where any victory would likely be the sweetest of their journey, given the yearly struggles.

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