Scump And Aydan Vow To Get Questionable Tattoos If They Win Warzone World Series

Scump And Aydan Vow To Get Questionable Tattoos If They Win Warzone World Series
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Jack Marsh


7th Sep 2022 12:12

If you thought about skipping over the World Series of Warzone, you might want to reconsider, as the stakes have just got a lot more... peachy?

The king of Call of Duty stunned the world by winning the World Series of Warzone, a branch of the CoD tree which played second fiddle to his multiplayer reign. Seth "Scump" Abner's $100k Solo Yolo dub came after little or no practice on the battle royale, yet natural CoD ability proved pivotal, and Warzone mogul Aydan "Aydan" Conrad was the collateral damage.

Fast-forward a year and the two are set to clash again in the World Series of Warzone 2022, and there's been some inked-up wager being placed to spice up the competition.

Scump Vows To Get 'King' Buttcheek Tattoo If He Wins The World Series of Warzone

The reigning Solo Yolo champ will be dipping his toe back into Warzone to crown off the era, looking to perform the two-peat and create a dynasty - something that he's all too familiar with.

However, it appears he doesn't quite fancy his chances or really wants an ass tat, as he's now wagered that he'll get "King" inked onto his buttcheek if he wins the solo event again this year.

The tattoo would honour Scump's legacy title within the Call of Duty scene, with fans and fellow competitors alike dubbing him as the best player to ever touch the series.


Aydan Pledges To Get 'Scump Is My Daddy' Tattoo If Scump Wins WSOW

But the tattoo wagers don't stop there either. Last year's runner-up Aydan has now also pledged that he'll get "Scump is my daddy" imprinted onto his body if the Ginja Ninja takes home another World Series of Warzone win. 

Aydan also extended the wager to the trios portion of the WSOW, where he will be teaming with Anthony "Methodz" Zinni and Tim "TimTheTatman" Betar, the latter of who also said his winnings are going straight on a Vegas Roulette table if Scump gets them over the line.

If history repeats itself, and Aydan and Scump recognise each other in the final two once again, Scump will then be faced with the dilemma of winning to get both tats or throwing his staple Diamatti on the ground and rolling over. 

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