Sauron Swaps Mordor For The Lands Between In New Elden Ring Mod

Sauron Swaps Mordor For The Lands Between In New Elden Ring Mod
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Joseph Kime


6th Sep 2022 09:28

Elden Ring has, since launch, become an increasingly important entry into the hall of fame of fantasy stories.

The romp across The Lands Between has served not only as the greatest achievement of development team FromSoftware, but it has also become a success story in video game history that proves that prosperity in the gaming industry can be enjoyed with even a new IP, even despite the ongoing trend of sequels and remakes would point to the alternative.

And now, two fantasy giants have collided in a brand-new mod.

Sauron Comes To Elden Ring In New Mod

The maker of the One Ring himself, Sauron, has touched down in The Lands Between in a brand-new mod for Elden Ring.

The mod comes from creator MaxTheMiracle and comes alongside the brand new The Lord of the Rings series Rings of Power. It reskins the player's tarnished with his iconic black armour from the character's humanoid form, and the mod comes packed with a weapon moveset borrowed from a different mod.

A good look at the mod, despite it still being a work in progress, has been shared by YouTube channel Garden of Eyes, taking on Radagon of the Golden Order in the process.

YouTuber Creates Sauron Boss Battle In Elden Ring

The titular Lord of the Rings hasn't just been brought to life as a playable character, either - as the very same YouTuber who gave us our first look at the mod has imagined what a potential boss battle with the character could look like in Elden Ring.


The character is about as brutal as we could expect him to be, and it doesn't half sell the idea of a The Lord of the Rings game developed by FromSoftware. Now that Embracer has bagged the rights to the series, who knows - maybe it could become a reality.

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