s1mple did everything, but not enough to drag Na'Vi over the finish line.

20:04, 19 Mar 2020

S1mple was on another planet as Na’Vi took on BIG in the second match for both teams in the ESL Pro League’s group stage. The Ukrainian star was unstoppable on map number two and nearly toppled Konfig’s online record of 47 kills on a single map without overtime. Krimz holds the record for single-map LAN kills with 44.

Even with 42 frags to his name, his team couldn’t close the map out and dropped the final four rounds in regulation to stumble into overtime. That really shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise, considering how out-of-sorts Na’Vi looked on the T-side of the first map, Nuke, unable to take a single round and only managing 11 kills.

In the end, s1mple finished Dust 2 with 54 kills as Na’Vi somehow managed to lose in double OT to the German side. He also had a rating of 1.91 and an ADR of 127.2 according to HLTV on the map. 

With an 81-36 K/D ratio by the star AWPer over the entire match, the world #1 team still didn’t have enough to get past BIG and dropped their second match in a row in the online tournament.

Tabsen punished Na’Vi on map point with a sneaky double kill on the A-site when he went unnoticed on the box between pizza and ninja, and the rest of BIG closed in to shut down the best team in the world, who has looked anything other than that during these opening matches.

With more than 300k viewers watching on Twitch, another record for ESL, Na’Vi was the second major scalp that BIG have claimed this week, after beating Fnatic on Tuesday.

Image courtesy of Electronic Sports League

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