s1mple Claims He Warned Boombl4 About 'Blackmailing Wife' Before Na'Vi Exit

s1mple Claims He Warned Boombl4 About 'Blackmailing Wife' Before Na'Vi Exit

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Jack Marsh


13th Jun 2022 14:04

Natus Vincere's aspired dynasty status in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has petered off following their PGL Stockholm championship title. National circumstances have undoubtedly affected the Ukrainian organisation, but the off-field drama surrounding Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhaylov will likely have been an unnecessary distraction, and after being dropped from the first-team roster for "high reputational risks", it appears that the Russian star was warned about his alleged actions before.

Boombl4 has been reported to have been using drugs by his now ex-wife, with a video clip going viral which saw the CS:GO player sniffing a white powder alleged to be mephedrone - a stimulant drug with similar effects to cocaine and ecstasy.

Since, Boombl4 has confirmed that he and his wife, Angelika "LiQueen” Mikhailova, are now divorced, claiming that he was being "blackmailed" with "fake information", and will be filing for libel suits. While neither side has been proven to be true, Na'Vi legend Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev has claimed that Boombl4 was warned about his wife's behaviour.

s1mple Claims He Warned Boombl4 About 'Blackmailing Wife' Before Na'Vi Exit

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Boombl4 proposed to his girlfriend following Na'Vi's major championship win in Stockholm, but just seven months later, the two are divorced and in a social media war with allegations of drug addiction being cast in Boombl4's direction. 

Taking to a Twitch live stream, s1mple has now weighed in on the situation of his former teammate, saying that he was warned not to get involved with her, and that he knew a month ago that she would blackmail Boombl4.

"He was told by everyone 'Kirill, don’t do this, don’t mess with her, she’s a w***e'," s1mple said.

"We said, 'Don’t, don’t mess with her.' Well, I already said a month ago that she would blackmail him later. As always, I was right," he added.

LiQueen was also accused of being in favour of the Russian invasion of Ukraine after she posted an image sporting a Russian sticker on her face after the war broke out, adding further tension between Boombl4 and Na'Vi. 


Boombl4 Shows Clean Drug Tests Amid Viral Video

Taking to Telegram, LiQueen has detailed many allegations of the drug abuse, including leaking a video of the reported behaviour. However, Boombl4 has now taken to Twitter to claim that the allegations are not true, and has even posted a picture of clean drug tests.

According to a translation, the images detail a test on June 8 in which no traces of the drug were found in his body, only nicotine from cigarettes. 

The tests are dated on the same day that LiQueen took to social media to detail the drug addiction, although it's unclear how long the drug can stay in a person's system.

s1mple did continue to say that the situation is "sad" because the pair had a ton of fun competing together, but the change was necessary.

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