ROKKR Leadership On Attach Contract: 'The Quintessential Pro'

ROKKR Leadership On Attach Contract: 'The Quintessential Pro'
Minnesota ROKKR

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Jack Marsh


22nd Jul 2022 16:54

The Call of Duty: Vanguard Season has come to a somewhat whimsical end for Minnesota ROKKR, having just missed out on a top-eight finish and World Championships qualification. Being forced to watch the pinnacle tournament from the sidelines, ROKKR's leadership group has held their heads high in admitting that their results have been sub-par, and now begins a rebuild project ahead of the Modern Warfare 2 season.

ROKKR's eyes now must be focused on next season, and with four players out of contract coming into the off-season, the management team are faced with a summer full of negotiations which will likely kick off with the future of their star man Dillon "Attach" Price.

CDL contracts work on a one-year basis with a "plus one" option, meaning that a player's contract will last one season before both parties settle on a one-year extension. After two years, a new contract would need to be bargained, and for Attach, his contract has now concluded.

ROKKR Leadership Hail Attach As A Quintessential Pro

"Dillon was an incredible player for us this year, an incredible player for us last year, and is super valuable," said ROKKR Vice President and Head of Esports and Acquisitions Jacob "REPPIN" Trobaugh, in response to a question we asked regarding Attach's future. 

"Every organisation wants to retain someone of Dillon's stature, in and out of the game. He's the quintessential pro," Trobaugh continued. 

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ROKKR's management respectfully didn't delve into the specifics of the negotiations though, with Champs still to be played. "Given that Playoffs hasn't started yet, and that contracts only expire after Playoffs end, it's not our intention to speak roster specifics and player specifics yet."


ROKKR Faced With Tricky Rostermania woes

Monday, August 8, will kick off rostermania for the Call of Duty League (the day after the World Champions have been crowned), leaving players with the plus one option a week to figure out whether they went to exercise their extension or not. The following week, marked August 15, will then see the free-agency and transfer window kick in, and ROKKR has three players that could walk out of the door.

Attach, Eli "Standy" Bentz, and Preston "Priestahh" Garnier all have expiring contracts, leaving mid-season signing Colt "Havoc" McLendon and Kevin "Fame" Bonanno to have the option to stay.

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The general consensus bids that Attach is the most valuable asset in the ROKKR brand, given his personal stature in the scene and undeniable talent over a variety of years since becoming the youngest World Champion ever. 

With negotiations to unfold in the upcoming weeks, all eyes will be on Attach, who will begin the domino effect at ROKKR depending on the outcome.

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