Rocket League Pro Released From Contract After Using Homophobic Slur Post-RLCS Match

Rocket League Pro Released From Contract After Using Homophobic Slur Post-RLCS Match
Coastal Mayhem

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Jack Marsh


25th May 2022 11:16

An Oceanic Rocket League bubble-scene player has been kicked from his organisation after a clip surfaced of him using a homophobic slur following an official RLCS Qualifying match.

Coastal Mayhem, an organisation that only recently picked up a sting of youth talent in Oceania, were looking for their first venture to be one that saw their trio qualify for the RLCS Regionals for the first time.

However, they didn't take off in Rocket League as they'd hoped, and have now kicked one of their players for using a homophobic slur on-stream following an official game.

Xav Kicked From Coastal Mayhem After Homophobic Language

Seventeen-year-old Xavier "Xav" has been removed from the organisation after comments surfaced of him using a slur in the post-match lobby following defeat to Dumb Luck Esports.

The roster was swept 3-0 in their third qualifier - leaving them one game away from elimination, two off qualifying - which resulted in Xav's response. On-stream, the OCE player said, "They're dumb f****t's, bro," prompting Coastal Mayhem to remove the player from their brand.

"We have a zero-tolerance for this behaviour. We sincerely apologize to you and the Rocket League community," they continued.


The player has yet to comment on the situation, apart from updating the community that he will be making a statement or apology "soon", and it's yet to be seen as to whether Psyonix will enforce a ban from competing.

The legislation from Psyonix details that, "Players that use racial slurs, sexual slurs, hate speech, or other toxic language in Rocket League will have a Game Ban placed on their account," although the rules for competitive players are heightened. "Players are prohibited from engaging in any form of harassing, abusive, or discriminatory conduct based on race, colour, ethnicity, national origin, religion, political opinion or any other opinion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, or any other status or characteristic protected under applicable law," the official RLCS Rulebook states in section 7.4.1.

This isn't the first time that OCE players have been seen to break legislation surrounding homophobia, racism, and hate speech. Previously, top-tier players from the region Alex "Decka" Tsoutsouras and William "Requiem" Hutchinson were banned from all Psyonix operated tournaments. Decka, who used the same homophobic slur as Xav was banned from competing for two years, while Requiem received a lifetime ban for racism and hate speech. 

Further misconduct from the region came back in 2020 when two players were banned for intentionally throwing matches.

The Oceanic scene has consistently seen such problems arise, which poses a real threat to the reputation of their region.


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