Following the recent announcement of the cancellation of the world finals in Dallas, Psyonix have made another statement!

18:25, 07 Mar 2020

In a second disheartening blog post of the week, Psyonix has announced that the Regional Championships will now be the biggest events of this season’s RLCS play. This announcement follows the one earlier this week that the live event in Dallas would not be taking place.

In an attempt to increase the value of the four Regional Championships, Psyonix has also added a total of $250,000 to the prize pool of the four combined events. Europe and North America will gain 80% of that total, with the remaining $50,000 going to South America and Oceania. The bonus prize money is to be distributed as follows:


  • 1st: $52,000 (up to $70,000)
  • 2nd: $27,000 (up to $40,000)
  • 3rd/4th: $10,500 (up to $16,500)


  • 1st: $15,000 (up to $37,500/$23,000)
  • 2nd: $10,000 (up to $24,000/$17,000)

While the news is obviously disappointing, it’s nice to see Psyonix redistributing funds elsewhere, with plans in the works for live regional tournaments in the coming months.


Image via Psyonix.

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