RIP Twitter Trends Amid Mass Walkouts And Twitter Offices Closing

RIP Twitter Trends Amid Mass Walkouts And Twitter Offices Closing
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Tom Chapman


18th Nov 2022 10:41

Well, that lasted long, didn't it? Just weeks after Elon Musk took control of Twitter, it looks like the social media service is about to kick the bucket. 

Ever since the world's richest man was linked to buying Twitter, there have been raised eyebrows about what he would do to the once free platform of speech. Apparently, that involved monetisation as a way to claw back his $44 million.

Following the botched rollout of Twitter verification (and its $8 price tag), we've had wrongful impersonations and ultimatums. After Musk gave Twitter staff the chance to pledge their allegiance or take severance, it sounds like most have taken the latter.

Is Twitter Dead?

In a worrying report from The Guardian, Twitter users are being told to archive their tweets for fear of an imminent implosion. The Library of Congress started archiving all tweets in 2007 but stopped in 2017 due to the platform's size.

These days, tweets are archived on "a select basis." Fearing the death of Twitter, artificial intelligence researcher Caroline Sinders said, "If there’s something you care about on Twitter,  now's the time to become like a temporary expert in digital archiving measures."

In 2006, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey sent the first-ever Tweet, and it's been quite the ride from there. We've had viral eggs, Donald Trump being banned, and the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman being the most-liked Tweet ever with a whopping 7.1 million hearts.

The New York Times has confirmed that "resignations roll" at Twitter HQ. Musk gave staff until yesterday (November 17) to sign up for his vision "to build a breakthrough Twitter 2.0" or hand in their notice.

Apparently, hundreds of employees handed their notice in ahead of the 5pm ET deadline, while staff were later told Twitter was closing its office building and disabling their badges until Monday. 

RIP Twitter Is Trending

Around the globe, #RIPTwitter is trending. Users are sharing links to alternate platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and the newcomer called Mastodon. While it remains to be seen whether Twitter is actually done for, it's not looking good.

Twitter is out for blood. Now that Twitter no longer has a communications department, the company and Musk haven't responded to requests for comment. Still, Musk rattled cages when he posted a joke tweet about how much he paid for Twitter.

Musk had already fired half of the 7,500 Twitter workforce, and now, predictions suggest that around 88% of those who work(ed) for Twitter will be out of the door by the time the week is out. Twitter's San Francisco HQ went in hard, projecting messages that called Musk an "insecure colonizer," "worthless billionaire," and "space Karen." 

We're not sure where we go from here, but until then, enjoy the memes. People have been comparing Twitter's demise to that of the Titanic. Mr. Musk, will you please turn the light off on your way out?

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