Riot To Nerf Bel'Veth After Stats Prove She's Too Hard To Use

Riot To Nerf Bel'Veth After Stats Prove She's Too Hard To Use
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Jack Marsh


14th Jun 2022 15:43

Bel'Veth's arrival into League of Legends was highly anticipated. The last jungle champion to have been added was Viego, who is arguably the most formidable character in the game.

However, just two weeks after being rolled out, the Bel'Veth's win rate percentage has plummeted and things are about to get even worse for the Empress of the Void - or better, depending on your skill level.

Is Bel'Veth Too Hard To Use?

Despite clips surfacing of the Jungler's kit solo-queuing the entire top wave in under 12 minutes - much thanks to her Void Remora minions - Bel'Veth has not become a popular champion. Maybe, this is a result of her high ban rate, but according to U.GG, high skilled players are struggling to take over the rift, and her kit seems to be too difficult to use against better scaling champions.

The statistics site has proved that in solo queues at ranks Platinum and above, Bel'Veth sits rock-bottom of the win percentage charts for juggling champions, being victorious on just 38% of games. 

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Even pro players and analysts are struggling to get the better of enemy Junglers when operating with Bel'Veth. Nick "LS" De Cesare, known for his wacky draft picks as a pro head coach, has found that her slow jungle clear and long cooldowns make Bel'Veth a poor choice in 1v1s.


Are Bel'Veth Nerfs Coming?

Now, ahead of a huge wipeout of lethal champions, Bel'Veth is faced with incoming nerfs. Associate Game Designer at Riot Games, Tim Jiang, confirmed on social media that Bel'Veth, alongside the likes of Lucian, Viego, and Dr. Mundo, is set to have a nerf to their kit, targeting role power, lethality, and game time.

For Bel'Veth to have her kit nerfed would likely mean that some elements of her abilities will be balanced, which could actually work in her favour. Instead of being a slow yet powerful champion, she could have much more balance in juggling and scaling, meaning that players in the upper echelons of League of Legends gameplay can excel. The changes are set to come in Patch 12.12, which is coming on June 22.

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