Riot shares Arcane Season 2 trailer ahead of new League 2024 details

Riot shares Arcane Season 2 trailer ahead of new League 2024 details
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Jack Marsh


5th Jan 2024 16:05

Following on from the success of Riot Games and Netflix's adaption of the League of Legends universe back in 2021, Arcane Season 2 is on the way.

The Emmy-winning Arcane Season 1 followed the journey of Vi, Jinx, Caitlyn, and more as family love turned into misunderstood betrayal, and all three actors (Hailee Steinfeld, Ella Purnell, and Katie Leung) have confirmed they will return for Season 2, as Riot and Netflix have promised the animation series will air again in November 2024.

But as we all wait in avid anticipation, hoping for an Ecco Timewinder to whisk us forward towards the end of this year, Riot has now ramped up the ante and aired the official Arcane Season 2 trailer ahead of League of Legends Season 24.

Riot Games and Netflix air Arcane Season 2 trailer

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Arcane Season 2 was announced back in November 2021, as League of Legends fans wondered which characters survived Jinx's Hextech explosion in the first season's finale.

Alongside the three returning female leads, Riot has now confirmed the fate of one of the most devilish characters in the series, as the Season 2 First Look has now aired.

The first look at Season 2 confirms that the previously thought-to-be-dead character Silco is actually alive and somehow sort of kicking, which will certainly throw a spanner in the already confusing relationships between Jinx, Vi, and the rest of the Arcane cast.

Riot Games also reveal League of Legends 2024 plans

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Alongside Arcane Season 2, Riot Games has also revealed details on how the show will impact the League of Legends roadmap and further details on the newest Champions.

Although some details are being held back until the Season 24 cinematic on January 10, Riot Executives Jeremy "Brightmoon" Lee and Andrei "Meddler" van Roon have now delved into the new character Smolder, among other details.

Smolder will be the next Champion to be released, and players are already in love with the adorable yet fiery dragon-child. The developers also revealed that Skarner's rework is almost ready to go and will be rolled out in the early months of this year. This will open the door for an Arcane character to undergo in-game surgery.

There will also be some big updates to the Champion Mastery system, as Riot Games Lead System Designer for Motivations Evan "Revenancer" Humphreys explained that there will be an overhaul of how Mastery works.

Revenancer explained that Riot is uncapping the Mastery system, allowing you to continue levelling up your chosen Champion forever, where it will likely become a flex to get your beloved characters as high as a level as humanely possible.

You'll also be able to earn Marks of Mastery, which offers new rewards each split, with a rejigged system, seeing you complete new milestones with more efficiency.

2024 looks to be another massive year for the League of Legends universe, with Smolder and Jinx grabbing most of the limelight as their respective stories unfold.

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