Riot just introduced League of Legends’ cutest Champion yet: Smolder

Riot just introduced League of Legends’ cutest Champion yet: Smolder
Riot Games

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Jack Marsh


5th Jan 2024 17:28

League of Legends has already got a strong catalogue of cutie pies that can rival Pokemon for the most adorable characters in gaming - and no, we're not hinting towards the KDA lineup for the more mature fans out there.

No, we're sticking to furries only here. Think Yuumi, Teemo, and Heimerdinger. 

But if you thought that Riot had produced enough adorable furballs, and instead thought seasoned war veterans (cough, K'Sante) and creepy gothic pyrotechnicians (cough, Hwei) were a better way to go, then you're sorely mistaken.

Speaking of coughing, the latest Champion is here, and he's just spit out a fireball of cuteness for you to choke on.

Riot Games introduces the new League of Legends Champion: Smolder

Coming as the first Champion of 2024, Riot Games has now introduced Smolder.

The smol dragon was showcased by setting fire to a comic strip depicting his prophecy, epitomising his name and revealing a boy-ish young personality who has already won over the hearts of the fan base.

"Smolder’s mom could beat up your mom," jokes Riot on the official League of Legends account.

"HE IS CUTE, I LOVE HIM, NEW MAIN," said one excited fan.

"I WANNA PET HIM SO BADLY," added the Team Heretics account.

A first look at Smolder's abilities in League of Legends


Although Smolder is damn adorable, that doesn't mean he should be underestimated. These smol Champions always turn out to be strong, and Smolder's abilities appear to leave quite a burning mark on his enemies.

A deep dive of Smolder's full kit has yet to have been detailed, but Riot Games has showcased what appears to be all five of his abilities, with a cone attack, line attack, soaring dodge and damage move, as well as a cascading ethereal knock-up similar to that of other Champions, all in Smolders locker.

The Spyro-like Champion will reportedly release on February 7, when League of Legends's part 14.3 will release.

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