Resident Evil 4 Remake leak suggests Separate Ways DLC launching soon

Resident Evil 4 Remake leak suggests Separate Ways DLC launching soon
Images courtesy of Capcom

Written by 

Lloyd Coombes


10th Apr 2023 11:51

Resident Evil 4 Remake is one of the best games of 2023 so far, and with the Mercenaries update dropping last week, you could be forgiven for thinking Capcom would be catching its breath a little.

While we know the Ada-starring DLC "Separate Ways" has been revealed, it turns out the DLC may be coming even sooner than expected if a new screenshot is to be believed.

Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways DLC may be here sooner than we thought

As shared by ResiEvilCentral on Twitter (with the image courtesy of @TheFoolTohru), the DLC appears on the game's main menu alongside The Mercenaries.

Don't rush to check the game yourself, however, as it's found here thanks to some workarounds.

According to one comment, it appears the DLC's appearance on the menu is due to a modder's ability to push through an update to the game.

Naturally, since the DLC isn't out yet, selecting the option just begins an infinite loading screen with no end. Still, the fact that it appears to be prepped in the menu here suggests its launch may be closer than anticipated - or maybe it'll just link to a store page in time.

In any case, it appears the update is coming sooner than anticipated - with many (including longtime Resi leaker Dusk Golem) expecting it to arrive this year. 

What is Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways?

Some Resident Evil 4 spoilers ahead.

Separate Ways is an additional story expansion that was added in versions of Resident Evil 4 that were released after the Gamecube version.

It's usually unlocked after beating the main campaign, and stars Ada Wong as the playable protagonist. Her story intertwines with Leon's, similar to how Leon and Claire's stories happen alongside each other in Resident Evil 2.

The Separate Ways storyline shows the main game's events from a fresh perspective, with Ada helping save Leon's life by disarming Krauser, for example.

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