Reported Microsoft Layoff Sees 1,000 Staff Lose Their Jobs

Reported Microsoft Layoff Sees 1,000 Staff Lose Their Jobs
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Joseph Kime


18th Oct 2022 09:58

You'd think that Microsoft was on top of the world. Being up there with Apple as icons of the digital world, producing computing software, gaming consoles, and keeping up a huge swathe of what makes our computers work. 


Plus, with the company's work on the Xbox, Microsoft should be rolling in it. Bill Gates' brainchild should be as steadfast as any of the other tech giants, but apparently, something is wrong. Sadly, a new claim has put those assumptions to rest with news of more layoffs.

Microsoft Reportedly Lays Off Almost 1,000 Members Of Staff

In a shock move, Microsoft has reportedly sacked almost a thousand of their employees. According to a report by Axios, this is the third round of layoffs since July for the tech giant. This kicked off with a mass layoff that stripped out 1% of the company's workforce - which amounted to a total staffing of 180,000 employees at the time. 

"Today we had a small number of role eliminations," said Microsoft in a statement, expecting us to believe that almost a thousand people is a "small number." It might be relatively minor when compared to the whole workforce, but still, it's more than you'd expect to leave in one go. 

"Like all companies, we evaluate our business priorities regularly, and make structural adjustments accordingly." Microsoft has refused to comment on how many employees exactly have been laid off, however, it's across all sections... including Xbox.


Microsoft Staff Reacts To Layoffs

Many of the staff members that have been laid off have taken to Twitter to express their stress with the situation, while others on the inside of the company are sharing that they're growing nervous about their job security.

After whopping acquisitions for Xbox and continued profits for the company, this is an incredibly bleak sign of the times that comes after Microsoft admits it never makes money off Xbox consoles. It seems like a marker that Microsoft is prioritising its profits over staff, much like other companies we'd hope that the Xbox family wasn't a part of. Capitalism strikes again. Pretend to be shocked.

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