Former World Champion, Remkoe, comes out of retirement to pair with al0t and Mognus in RLCS X

10:01, 23 Jul 2020

Announced on al0t’s Twitter, in preparation for the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Season X, he will be teaming up with Mognus and Remkoe, who will be coming out of retirement.

Between the trio the have approximately earnt $295,000 in prize money over the years as they form one of the most experienced line-ups in Rocket League esports history.

Remkoe comes out of retirement as one of the most decorated players in the game, and former world champion back in Season 3. The Legendary trio has been influential in getting Rocket League Esports to the position it is in now, having ten appearances in RLCS World Championships combined, most of which in the early stages of the esports short history.

The announcement comes just days after his former We Dem Girlz teammate, gReazymeister, also announced his plans to come out of retirement, teaming with AtomiK and DmentZa as part of Magnifico for RLCS X.

The team has formed with no name, and are open to suggestions, but together they will be competing in the closed qualifier for the European Fall Split.

Remkoe shared his expectations of the team on Twitter, stating “One guy hasn't launched the game in months, one guy hasn't been top 100 in the past 6,000 hours of ranked grind and one guy plays from a wooden cabin by the lake. This can only mean great things are ahead of us!”

Whilst the side may be lacking in quality in recent years, they will certainly earn a lot of respect from their opponents, and be a frightful team to come across in RLCS X.

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