John Wick Director Aims Sights On Rainbow Six Movie

John Wick Director Aims Sights On Rainbow Six Movie
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Daniel Hollis


18th Jan 2023 10:29

Could you think of a better combination than the director of John Wick helming an upcoming Rainbow Six movie? Luckily, you won’t have to think about it too hard, as it's reportedly becoming a reality.

Chad Stahelski - the man behind the top-rated John Wick series - is said to be taking his gun-toting antics over to the realm of Tom Clancy. Most notably, an adaptation of Ubisoft's Rainbow Six series.

Not only that, but it's claimed that Michael B. Jordan will be part of the project - reprising his role from the 2021 Tom Clancy movie, Without Remorse.

What's Going On With The Rainbow Six Movie?

The report comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which confirmed plans for this much-anticipated instalment and how distributor Paramount intends to release the film.

Unlike Without Remorse - a film that graced our screens back in 2021 with its release on Amazon Prime - Rainbow Six is said to be getting the big screen experience. According to sources familiar with the project, it will be released in cinemas worldwide.

How well it will translate over remains to be seen. Without Remorse wasn’t exactly met with a glowing reception, hitting a measly 45% from critics and 38% from audiences on Rotten Tomatoes.

However, despite mediocre reviews, the one constant that audiences seemed to enjoy was Jordan’s performance as protagonist, John Clark. The film acted as an origin story for the hero, so perhaps a more established adventure will improve the ratings.

A Win For Ubisoft?

While the Rainbow Six movie will be adapted from a wealth of Tom Clancy novels, the series is also commonly known these days for its foray into the gaming world. 

Titles such as Rainbow Six: Siege have proven to be massively popular, and this could spell good news for Ubisoft, which recently pushed Skull & Bones back again and quietly cancelled three unannounced games.

Ubisoft's attempt at jumping into live-action hasn't exactly been a home run. While films such as Werewolves Within were highly regarded, they also failed to capture a broad audience. 

Elsewhere, live-action attempts at Assassin's Creed were made. The less said about that, the better. Could this long-needed win for Ubisoft help increase sales for the Rainbow Six series? Only time will tell.

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