Popular Call of Duty villain looks set for return as actress leaks new cameo

Popular Call of Duty villain looks set for return as actress leaks new cameo

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Jack Marsh


27th Nov 2023 16:00

Modern Warfare 3 is about to drop it like it's hot, and no, it's not another Snoop skin.

One of the most glaring omissions from Modern Warfare 3's campaign was the duel between Mexican-born heartthrobs Alejandro Vargas and Valeria Garza, who both played pivotal parts in MW2 but were seemingly forgotten about a year later.

But it seems like at least one of these campaign fan-favourites will be coming back, as Actress Maria Camargo has teased Valeria's return in Modern Warfare 3.

Valeria Actress hints at Modern Warfare 3 inclusion

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Even in the midst of all sorts of random characters returning from the grave in this whitewash of a storyline, Valeria's omission was obvious and a disappointment for many fans who enjoyed this duel between cartel drug lordess and the poverty-escaped higher-than-mighty soldier.

Now though it looks like she will play some part in how Modern Warfare 3 or Warzone moves forward, as Maria Camargo has posed with filming gear filled with the MW3 and Infinity Ward logos.

Camargo's latest social post saw her head to toe in the body-tracing outfit, which could likely see Valeria play quite a large part in a future Call of Duty update, rather than just being the face of a returning operator from games gone by.

How will Valeria come to Modern Warfare 3?


The inclusion of the IW logo does indicate that Valeria will be playing some role in the multiplayer storyline, presumably in some form of Raid or additional campaign missions.

This will likely see Valeria also return to the multiplayer skin releases, with bundles which have become best-sellers for Activision throughout the last year.

Presumably, with Throwback Seasons planned for down the line, Valeria will come to Modern Warfare 3 sooner rather than later too.

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