Pokemon Happy Meals Are Back In McDonald's For 2022

Pokemon Happy Meals Are Back In McDonald's For 2022
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16th Aug 2022 09:03

It's often hard to remember that Pokemon is… y'know… for children. Even though this is something we're not exactly willing to admit, our obsession grows alongside the franchise, while we watch it become the adventure we'd always hoped it'd become since playing the OG titles.

Yet, the target audience remains those on the playground, rather than us - in our basements, grinding away at Nuzlocke runs. As further proof that we should probably let go of Pokemon at some point, a new promotional push is coming to Happy Meals... for kids. 

Are There Pokemon Happy Meals In 2022? 

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Oh, man, it's gonna be a little awkward when we inevitably go to buy these. The newest promotion for Happy Meals at McDonald's across the UK, USA, and Canada has been revealed, and it's a fantastic collaboration with the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

In a nice change for the TCG, however, the package that comes in Happy Meals seems to promote the actual playing of the game, rather than laying focus on collecting. The package comes with a small pack of trading cards, a coin for gameplay, and a spinner. The list of 'Mon on offer includes the following: Bewear, Chinchou, Cutiefly, Drampa, Flaaffy, Gossifleur, Growlithe, Lapras, Ledyba, Pangoro, Pikachu, Rowlet, Smeargle, Tynamo, and Victini. 

After last year's scalping problem, Mcdonald's has been forced to enforce a one-toy-per-customer rule to ensure that dorks aren't pinching toys from kids to flog on eBay. Which is pretty fair. In 2021, we covered how unscrupulous adults were reselling the Happy Meal Pokemon Cards for ridiculous sums of money.


When Does The Pokemon McDonalds Promotion End?

We're running out of time to bag the cards for ourselves, so you might want to get down to your local Maccies sharpish. According to the McDonald's site, the Pokemon TCG promotion with Mcdonald's comes to an end on September 6, so don't waste any time picking up your promotional package.

It's a pretty good time for such a promotion. Pokemon never really goes out of fashion, but with Scarlet & Violet coming up to introduce Gen 9, expect Pokefever to grip the world once again. Still, we're a little bummed the Happy Meal promo isn't being saved for Fuecoco, Quaxly, and Sprigatito. We'll be buying Happy Meals in their droves, however, it doesn't really make it easier to walk in as an adult and order a Happy Meal at Mcdonald's. But if we'll do it for anything, we'll do it for Pokemon cards.

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