Phil Spencer wants to revisit the MechAssault franchise

Phil Spencer wants to revisit the MechAssault franchise
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Megan Cooke


24th Sep 2023 17:19

Phil Spencer shared that he would like to revisit the MechAssault franchise in the future, during a panel at Tokyo Game show.

MechAssault was published by Microsoft as an Xbox Exclusive in 2002, with a sequel being released in 2004, however the two games were the only ones published in the franchise.

Phil Spencer said it would be nice to return to MechAssault in the future


During Tokyo Game Show, CEO of Microsoft gaming, Phil Spencer, was asked which Microsoft published franchise he would like to see brought back in the future.


In response, Phil Spencer said: "I always wanted us to go back and revisit the MechAssault MechWarrior space, I think there's a lot we can do.

"There's so much about that whole franchise that in some ways I think was ahead of its time, and it would be nice to get to go back and revisit. We don't have a plan today, so it's not a leak of anything."

While the MechAssault games received generally favourable reviews, and sold 1.1 million copies by July 2006 across both titles, the franchise did not quite meet Microsoft's expectations and was not continued.

MechAssault fans are hopeful that the games may return


Fans of the BattleTech games are excited at the prospect that the series could make a return in the future, many of them having given up a long time ago on the prospect.


A Twitter user wrote: "I really hope we get another MechAssault game in the future. Playing those on the original Xbox were some of the best memories."

Another shared that MechAssault was the reason they bought an Xbox when it was first released.

Some fans are urging Phil Spencer to go ahead and make the game, saying: "then do it, you have the greenlight power Phil you don't need to talk like someone else does lol."

Whether or not a new game in the franchise comes around, it is nice to see that Phil Spencer is still thinking about the MechAssault franchise. At least it hasn't been forgotten by the Microsoft team.

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