Persona 3 and Jet Set Radio remakes reportedly leaked on Twitter

Persona 3 and Jet Set Radio remakes reportedly leaked on Twitter
Images courtesy of SEGA

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Lloyd Coombes


10th Apr 2023 11:27

Uh oh, it appears a pair of upcoming SEGA remakes have been revealed on Twitter of all things.

While the social media platform continues to be a place of chaos and, uh, Doge memes (thanks Elon), it appears one user has revealed footage of both Persona 3 and Jet Set Radio remakes. 

A tweet, from user AVtoGAMEnoYAMI was posted on the long-running GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit, and it certainly looks convincing. 

Persona 3 and Jet Set Radio Remakes Leaked

The footage, which shows a much more graphically intense version of Persona 3's combat with Yukari attacking with a Persona behind her, was followed up with another tweet from the user suggesting that the footage was from a 2021 internal meeting at SEGA Japan.

How it's found its way onto the internet is anyone's guess, but the extended version that follows also includes a look at Sonic Frontiers (which has since been released) as well as what appears to be a Jet Set Radio Remake, too.

Are the Persona 3 and Jet Set Radio leaks to be believed?

Aside from the whiplash of the three soundtracks back-to-back-to-back, there's always a question over the veracity of these leaks - but (as reported by VGC), several outlets are confirming similar information, and one Twitter account has even spotted a website domain that's registered to the same domain owner as Persona 5 Royal's official site (again, thanks VGC).

SEGA has reportedly been working on reboots, with a Crazy Taxi one likely according to reports around this time last year. 

Persona 3 originally launched in 2006, and has since been ported to multiple consoles - including PS4, Switch, PC and Xbox versions early this year.

Jet Set Radio, on the other hand, saw ports to Xbox 360, PS3, Windows and Vita (along with mobile) back in 2012 - meaning it's certainly long overdue a comeback.

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