Paper Mario remaster teased for Nintendo Switch

Paper Mario remaster teased for Nintendo Switch
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Joseph Kime


19th Jun 2023 10:50

It's hard to blame gamers for hoping for some reveals from Nintendo, as now that conference season has concluded and Tears of the Kingdom has kept us busy for over a month now, players who aren't excited for Pikmin 4 or have given up their hype for Metroid Prime 4 don't have much to expect from the company.

It's for this reason that many players are expecting a Nintendo Direct showcase, as the company doesn't like to make a habit of leaving fans with little - but some are expecting a specific reveal to land soon. And it's a big one for RPG fans.

Fans expect a new Paper Mario remaster

Paper Mario remaster teased for Nintendo Switch
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A leaker has supposedly revealed some of the contents of a new remaster push for the Nintendo Switch, flying in the face of ideas that the console is calling it a day.

Leaker Zippo has claimed that Nintendo is planning two remasters to come to the console yet - one for F-Zero GX and another for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

These are a pretty big deal for fans of both franchises, as F-Zero fans have been starved of its break-neck racing style, and The Thousand-Year Door is the very peak of Paper Mario's style, humour, and gameplay for many. 

These remasters indicate that Metroid Prime's remaster was a big enough hit for Nintendo to truly come around to the concept of remasters. If these games arrive, it would herald the new age of classics making a return.

When is the next Nintendo Direct?

Paper Mario remaster teased for Nintendo Switch
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Update: November 1, 2023: The next Nintendo Direct arrived on June 21, 2023, proving the rumors discussed below correct.

Fans are hopeful that these games will be revealed at a Nintendo Direct showcase, something that has been long expected - but there's no concrete evidence that one is on the horizon.

There are rumours that we could get one this coming week, revealing the games then. Frankly, we get rumours like this every other week, so it's safe to take it with a pinch of salt.

Either way, the indication of these games' existence is exciting, and could very well give the remasters' series the kick up the backside they sorely need. Everyone loves a good GameCube game. 

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